These two charts show how much minimum wage workers have fallen behind

Minimum wage, which has been stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2009, has fallen far behind in terms of both inflation and productivity


Myth: An increase in the minimum wage won’t help anyone if all other costs go up, too

One assumption about increasing the minimum wage is that it will force to the cost of living to increase at the same rate, and in doing so, we’d really just be speeding up inflation.

This isn’t really how economics works. A 2013 study by the Chicago Fed found that increasing the minimum wage even just to $9 would increase consumer spending by $28 billion. When spending—i.e. demand—increases, manufacturers and other purveyors of goods and services can actually charge less or at least avoid increasing their prices, because they’re increasing overall revenue.

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The sad reality is those already making $15hr will most likely not see a raise and continue to stay at $15. While the prior ones that did make minimum wage before will now have cut hours and most likely work only 26-32 hours a week or less. This call for increased minimum wage is putting lipstick on a pig. What needs to be addressed is the cost of living. Why is rent for a two bedroom nearly 50% or even 100% higher than a mortgage payment? Why is a Walmart in a predominantly povern district who's customers are likely to be on WIC or EBT, have higher prices on milk and formula compared to the Walmart across town in a wealthy district? These are the problems that need to be focused on. Look at the hyper inflation of products that makes absolutely no sense. A soda that once cost a nickel or dime 60 years ago is now 30 times that.

But another way to look at it as well is everything has gone up in prices but the wage increase. Prices are gonna go up regardless while businesses are complaining about it they dont seem to be concerned when they constantly jack up the prices on their products do they? I think they wouldn't care if the minimum wage was stuck at 5 bucks an hour, they'd still be jacking up their prices, including rent, rent or mortgages were suppose to account only for a fourth of ones monthly income at one time, now even a run down apartment cost you about 3 weeks salary depending on where you live

I’d rather work 20 hours a week for $15 an hour, than 30 hours a week at $10 an hour, 40 hours a week for $7.50 an hour! But that might just be me. We know lots and f businesses just bankroll off their labor force.

My feeling is that if someone helps to bring in hundreds of dollars (or more) of revenue per hour, but you want to pay them the lowest amount you can by law, then that is just insulting. Georgia’s minimum wage is literally $5.15 per hour. That is overridden by the federal minimum wage, but $5.15? Really? You have to work an hour to buy a Big Mac?

Complex issue in many sectors of labor and American businesses vs. global corporations. We have to compete with nations low wages, low taxes and little regulation, this has stagnated wages in general. A global corp like McDonald's may be able to absorb a higher wage, plus they are going to a lot of automation, but a Mom & Pop can't absorb it. Global corps can hide their money overseas and this would eliminate a lot of American competition to raise the wage. Right now with 1000's of businesses barely hanging on a wage hike would put them under. The CBO estimates while it will raise the wages of workers just above the poverty line, it will kill a few million jobs.

It boggles my fkin mind like you people wouldnt believe. It's very simple on how you do this. You put salary caps on professional ball players. Anyone here think a basketball player deserves 120 million for 5 yesrs.. no. Does that actor deserve 20 million for 1 movie? No.

So you are all fighting against $15 minimum wage, but the actor or ball player who makes more in a year than you all do in a lifetime is ok?

And please dont use the whole "they knew what they were making ahead of time argument", because how many of these teachers are unpaid. You know, teachers. The profession that watches your kids because most of you have no parenting skills. Ya.. those people.

I do not care what education you have or what background you come from, $7.25 an hour is not a living wage for someone who wants to work, is trying to take care of a family, or trying to live a decent life. I would rather see a person paid a viable living wage than to have a person desperate and looking to do the wrong thing to make ends meet. If we pay a person a wage that allows them to take care of their needs, we will see less people committing crimes. $7.25 an hour was a good minimum wage in 1980.

10ºCreepy joe biden said that he wants minimum wage to be $15 per hour.

15$ X 40 hr week = $600
600$ X 52 weeks per yr = $31,200

Creepy joe biden wants free health care for all and was asked how he would pay for it. His answer was raise taxes to 52% on anybody making over $29,000 per year.

52% of $31,200 = $16,224 in tax
$31,200 - $16,224 = $14,976 is your pay
$14,976 ÷ 52 weeks = $288 per week
$288 ÷ 40 hr week = $7.20 per hour

So much for 15$ an hour minimum wage
Think before you vote people.