Leader of far-right Proud Boys does not care that lawmakers were terrorized by rioters inside the US Capitol

He has not changed his mind about the role the Proud Boys played on January 6 or his feelings about the targeting of members of Congress despite the release of so much stunningly violent video



It's like Dr. Phil always said. No matter how thin the pancake, it has two sides. Until both democrats and republicans accept the responsibility for our present situation, nothing is going to change. Violence is never never never the answer. Someone today said they did it because they knew they could get away with it. I agree. They watched violence all summer and police were told to stand down and for months we watched buildings burn and statues tumble. What was gained. Nothing. What was lost. Our trust in the government to protect ALL citizens and property and to enforce the laws. There in lies our chickens that have come home to roosts. We can make dumplings and sit down and eat together, or we can continue the cock fight. I know for me, I love dumplings!!

Honestly if the people who entered really wanted them dead they all would have been well armed and there would have been a lot more and my opinion is. They would have gotten the job done. I think this was just a warning reminding them they work for us and the whole country has had enough of them doing whatever they want and wasting our tax dollars on other countries instead of putting America and Americans first. That is my opinion. If they can afford to waste money on failed impeachment for personal issues they could spend money to do a full audit of the election to help ease the tension. If they can send billions of our tax money to other countries for whatever reason. We should have no hungry homeless people. everyone should have proper medical care. Our infastructure shouldn't be in shambles. We the people. The whole country is tired of america last. We are not government slaves. If you have billions to give away lower our taxes. We would like more of our paychecks