US carries out air strikes in Syria targeting Iranian backed militia structures

The US military has carried out air strikes in Syria targeting an Iranian-backed militia site, the first known military action under President Biden


I'm very different than an American Psycho
i have morals that apply to my ethics toward all humanity
i don't like the way many use manipulation for personal gains in wealth and fortune and competition for self gravitation of a world designed to covet a golden crowned head at the top of it
i see global arms dealing much more gravely than anyone
i've witness this country for 37 years... not long but long enough and at a key point to see dramatic things occur and change radically... so much so that we lost who we had been 20 years ago
30 years ago... 40 years... 50... i can see it slipping
and i know what's going to be happening now and in the time coming on
forcasting your future... it takes knowledge and awareness and the will to do it
most importantly to really know... you need to be one of those who make current events happen...
and that's what's happening as well now
they have the people in the palm of their hands too
and they could make them do anything
NBC says 16% of gen z is lgbtq~ they're proud but
it proves that it was a commercial production of lgtbq people here
it was intention to make them crave it like that... to need it to be popular
with all the experience they have they used it for this...
they use it for anything and everything we become