A staggering number of children have lost at least one parent to Covid-19, model estimates

A new model estimates that nearly 40,000 children have lost a parent to Covid-19, and black children have been disproportionately affected, according to a new research letter



I have a very honest question why is it that other countries are not having the issues the United States is having. With COVID. Other countries aren’t even vaccinating because they haven’t had cases in many months. Australia’s policy if there’s a outbreak in the area people wear masks but most of the time nobody not even businesses wear masks. Other countries haven’t had an issue with Covid in almost a year Third World countries have a lot less percentage of death I do understand Pennsylvania and New York made the devastating mistake of putting Covid active patients in nursing homes and I know that ran our numbers up by 70% in both of those states I do understand that there was even a lot of deaths listed as Covid when that was not the car so hospitals could pad their pockets but even with that said the numbers for the United States are staggering high and different to even countries way behind our level of education and technology. What is the United States doing wrong or different than all these other countries and it’s not masks because some of the countries never had a mask mandate that lasted longer than a few weeks.