Lawmakers in 47 states have introduced bills that would make it harder to vote. See them all here

The legislative push is part of a national Republican effort that aims to restrict access to the ballot box following record turnout in the election


What is it the CNN does not get about this. In 2020 we saw a lot of shenanigan's implemented due to Covid, they did not work out so well. 1- Most citizens, including democrats and independents agree with a vote ID. 2- No one likes Election nights results being overturned, no one liked it in 2000 nor 2020. 3- It took states as long as a month to count mail in ballots and a lot of people at least half the country thinks that they were not supervised correctly, or regulations laxed again due to a covid panic. We want to see order and consistency and it should be streamlined for the ease of voting but the most IMPORTANT thing that most of us want to see is that every vote should be verified! What is the problem with wanting to make sure that happens? Its not suppressing votes its making sure that felons cant vote, that illegals cant vote, that you not voting in two states, in CA illegals can vote locally and we want to make sure they are not voting federally, which would be very easy to do. Or if a state issued and illegal a D.L it would be very easy to do same day reg, and vote, with proof of an address. The biggest problem is that takes years to find these invalid votes which at that point it moot.