Arkansas becomes first state to outlaw gender-affirming treatment for trans youth

JUST IN: Arkansas becomes the first state to prohibit physicians from providing gender-affirming treatment for transgender people under age 18


At the very least, puberty-blockers should be allowed before 18. They are vital.

Puberty-blockers explicitly allow a child to go back. You come off the blockers, you go through your normal puberty. That should be available to kids. They delay puberty, they do not cause irreversible changes and they have been used successfully for decades for other conditions. They are not experimental. Puberty causes irreversible changes. It is much harder to undo the damage as an adult than it is to prevent that damage from occurring.

Cross-sex hormones are different and do cause irreversible changes. This needs to be done very very carefully with all necessary specialists involved, including, obviously, mental health support. But it can be done for adolescents.

Surgery is not an issue. Nobody was performing gender confirmation surgeries before 18 anyway. Except obviously on intersex kids, who STILL get assigned to a gender they might not actually have and STILL are operated on, sometimes as babies. And this bill allows this, in any case.