MLB All-Star Game will move to Denver

Coors Field in Denver will be the new host of this year’s All-Star Game. The game was initially supposed to take place in Atlanta, but the league decided to move the game and draft in response to Georgia’s recently passed laws that placed new restrictions on voting.


The Portland mayor signed off on a bill last year that slashed the police department’s budget by millions, even as violent crime rose. Some precincts in the city have seen shootings spike by 104%.

By the beginning of March, the city already saw 20 homicides — compared to just one at this point in 2020.

Law enforcement officials defended their department when asked about the uptick in resignations, saying blame lies on politicians.

“A lot of those things in those exit interviews, nobody in the chief’s office have any power over,” Assistant Police Chief Mike Frome told the Oregonian. “We don’t have any power over City Council. We don’t have any power over the mayor or the governor or any members of City Council. We can only focus on what we can do here.’’

The real problem here is that liberals have all of this backward. If you believe the police aren’t performing up to your standards, they need more money for training, not less money. Additionally, if you refuse to prosecute lawbreakers, it’s true that many of them will end up being poor and disadvantaged. What liberals always seem to miss is that most of their victims end up being poor and disadvantaged, too.

Allowing a bunch of crazies to LARP a revolution on a regular basis may be popular with liberals, but it’s pure poison for a city. Cops and businesses are leaving Portland. Crime is spiking up. People are dying. If Portland wants to live that way, that’s their choice, but everyone else in America should look at them as an example of what not to do.