Hospitals notice a difference in Covid patients

The more contagious coronavirus variant first identified in the UK has now been reported in every state in the US. Experts are concerned this strain is hitting younger people hard and could fuel a new surge of the pandemic.


..."Any thinking person, anyone who knows history, anyone who knows how voting works, should know that the statement of Biden’s is an outrageous lie. And yet here we are – the president of the United States says it, various corporations and major league baseball go along with it, and it is highly possible that Congress will pass a law forbidding legislation such as Georgia’s and the various bills those other states are considering.

"The Democrats, who hold Congress very narrowly, are determined to take away states’ ability to discourage fraud in federal elections. In an attempt to get the public to buy the idea (a public 72% of whom currently favor voter photo ID laws), they are trying to convince people that such things are inherently racist. Article after MSM article about such laws call them “voter suppression,” which makes it sound like their aim is to keep valid voters from casting ballots."

"This is why, no matter how many times the lies they’re telling about Georgia are exposed and debunked, they just keep repeating them. The goal isn’t really to change Georgia. It’s to distract you with Georgia while they change America."

M.Huckabee: [...some great points about the egregious lies being told by the Democrats about Georgia’s new election integrity laws and how so many big corporations are caving to the false leftist narrative to support it. As she notes, when Biden himself referred to “what they’re doing in Georgia and 40 other states,” he was admitting that more than 4/5ths of America’s states think we need stricter laws to insure an honest and trustworthy vote.

She makes the case that all of this nonsense about showing an ID to vote suppressing black turnout is just propaganda and cover for the real plan: to do away with the Senate filibuster and ram through an unconstitutional federal takeover of elections that legalizes vote fraud over the objections of 4/5ths of the states (and even black Americans, about 70% of whom support voter ID laws), to try to cement their one-party power.] See more:

Right on! I live in New Mexico and our governor followed the science. We’ve had a mask mandate for a year; we’ve been through total and partial lockdowns; we’ve kept restrictions on open businesses and we are still restricting large crowds. The result of doing the right thing is, we have one of the lowest per capita new cases, hospitalizations, deaths and the highest vaccinations in the country. Our governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, resisted the pressures to ignore the CDC guidelines! She simply did her job. Had trump done HIS job, the entire country could be in good shape like we are! I feel like “Captain Obvious” saying this.....but it’s true!

I just can't believe that a society that exists in the USA can get the simplest of things so very didn't help with having a President who was a Covid-19 denyer but the main issue now are Govenors authority superceding federal authority in opening up their states so causing the surge once again take hold. We may not have got everything right here in the UK but our deaths are under on average 40 a day and our daily new cases under 5,000. You are having nearly 60,000 new cases and its only by the Grace of God and vaccinations that your death rate has come down....

Well Texas doesn’t care and neither do it’s residents and the same with many other states like Florida. The younger population doesn’t care, so if they get sick since the swear this is a hoax and government manipulation they better not seek medical attention.
What’s sad is the this variant hits children harder too and they shouldn’t have to suffer because of irresponsible parents.
I say to each their own and I personally will continue to wear a mask and social distance accordingly while going about my daily business, but also keeping myself and my parents safe. It has worked for me and my family so far up until now, so we have definitely been doing something right.

The USA pandemic is "over" for those who have been fully vax'd. Until the vax immunity wears off or a variant emerges that gets thru the existing vax covid will continue to abate. Those who refuse to get vax'd will either pay the ultimate price or get their immunity in a v risky way. It's been over a year since covid started and those who refuse the vax have no right to complain if they have a bad outcome.

Since I posted this earlier I hv made a number of replies. There will likely be no additional replies to any comments. Others can weigh in either for or against as they see fit. Obvious attempts to provoke a response with obnoxious rhetoric or juvenile taunts will be not be successful. I am fact / science based and my content is supported likewise Somewhere between irrational fear of the virus and those who would deny that it ever was, or is, a problem lies reason, the facts/truth, and science ;)