A dangerous Covid-19 variant has spread to all 50 US states. Experts worry it could send cases surging

The highly contagious Covid-19 variant first identified in the UK has now been reported in every state in the US, and experts are concerned spreading variants could send cases surging.



Look 555 thousand deaths, protests over masks & any safety protocols, demands to do what ever they want all show that Americans DON"T care! It has become a nation of immediate self gratification regardless of who else might suffer because of your selfishness! This virus will continue to surge & wane & people will continue to suffer & die unless a REAL vaccine is discovered rather than just an immune booster! Nearly 3000 people have died within 2 weeks of receiving the shots, yet they want us to believe not a single one was relate to the shot! I don't by it. In order for this immune booster to work you have to be exposed to the virus & they can only guarantee 6 months of protection. However, it won't just work one day & stop the next. There will be a gradual decrease in its efficacy! Just like they found in those who had the virus! Read the research....3 months after having it the person's antibodies to it have dropped by 50% and it continues to drop! So will we ever have full immunity? And with it taking months to get people vaccinated, by the time you get to the last person the first ones will no longer be immune! So how many times can your immune system be artificial manipulate before there are negative effects? Seems to me these shots are nothing but putting a bandaid on a major gash! Then you have the anti-vaxxers who are against all vaccines & the religious groups claiming this shot is the mark of the devil & the other numerous weird conspiracy theories out there. So how will you ever know if that person standing next to you in the check out line is a carrier or not? It is obvious that you can't count on others to help keep people safe so you will have to keep your self safe, unless you are one of the unbelievers or those who think themselves invisible! You hear people say " you can't live in fear!" Tell me why being safe & wanting to protect your health is "fear"! Do you eat moldy food or meat that was left sitting out? Do you look both ways before crossing the street? We prohibit smoking in public places because of the danger to others as well as driving under the influence! We have a lot of "regulations" in place to keep others safe not just the individual so why are the needed precautions regarding this virus causing such an upset!? Do we need a repeat of the 1918 pandemic to get people to take this serious?