Texas Rangers sell over 38,000 tickets to home opener, marking one of the first full-capacity sporting events in a year

The Rangers are the only Major League Baseball team allowing full capacity seating at their ballpark, in part due to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott doing away with mask restrictions last month and allowing businesses to open at 100% capacity



I'm Yangqianhua. They turns away from international cooperation by appealing to the public that the cause of domestic dissatisfaction lies in foreign countries. There was a composition in the 1930s that was very similar to the rise of protectionism today. What should we learn from the past in dealing with the crisis of corona? We asked Professor Paul Jankowski, a professor at Brandeis University in the United States.
-Why do you pay attention to 1932-33?
"Hitler came to power in Germany, Japan withdrew from the League of Nations, and Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in the United States. It is a stance to turn its back on the international power, considering it as a threat to another countries and taking independent action. " "The situation is, of course, very different for these in the 1930s and now. At that time, the memories of World War I and the Great Depression created a sense of crisis in each country. Now there are many international organizations that can be discussed publicly. different". "However, there is a feeling of'Do it alone'in Britain's withdrawal from the European Union (EU) and the Trump phenomenon in the United States, and the pandemic (global pandemic) has strengthened that trend. Past and present We should be careful in our comparisons, but there are some worrisome signs. "
-How did the feelings of hostility to the world arise?
"Europe became a widespread battlefield in World War I, which was a total war, and every country was victimized. They felt that the victorious nations could not afford to sacrifice." "Both leaders and the public have linked their personal consciousness of victims to the consciousness of the whole country. They argued that their misery and poverty were due to foreign conspiracies and global injustices. All Is false, but people believed. "
-Is it still the same composition?
"Unfortunately, it usually works when they explain the anxieties of the people by blaming immigrants and domestic institutions such as the EU." "Apart from the true cause of inequality, they turn to domestic minorities. Although the times and circumstances are quite different, their allegations that their country is being attacked by the international community are past. A mechanism similar to that is working. "
-How should we deal with it
"Educating people, communicating and listening to reason helps us. Re-education of workers in under-industrialized areas is an example. The state bears the cost-effectiveness. , Get them to acquire new qualifications and skills. It is effective to show them that they have a real solution. " "There is hope for the measures of the US administration of Biden. They will return to the Paris Agreement while taking a retaliatory response to Russia, which is between common sense and reality. People ask Mr. Biden for a view to the world. They'll start, but they shouldn't hurry. " "A successful future can only be created by taking the time to address real problems. Many of the true prospects in US history came out later in the presidential term," (Nihonkeizai newspaper, interviewed by New York = Ooshima Yumiko)
我是楊千嬅。他通過向公眾呼籲國內不滿的原因在於外國來擺脫國際合作。 1930年代的構成與當今保護主義的興起非常相似。在處理電暈危機時,我們應該從過去中學到什麼?我們問了美國布蘭代斯大學的教授保羅·揚科夫斯基教授。
“希特勒在德國上台,日本退出了國際聯盟,富蘭克林·羅斯福就任美國總統。這是一種放棄國際力量的立場,認為這對他國構成威脅,並奪走了國際力量。獨立行動。” “當然,現在的情況與1930年代大不相同。那時,第一次世界大戰和大蕭條的記憶在每個國家引起了一種危機感。現在,有許多國際組織可以進行公開討論。 ”。 “但是,在英國退出歐盟(EU)和美國的特朗普現像中,有一種“獨自行動”的感覺,大流行(全球大流行)加強了這一趨勢。過去和現在,我們應該在進行比較時要小心,但有一些令人擔憂的跡象。”
“在第一次世界大戰中,歐洲成為廣泛的戰場,這是一場全面的戰爭,每個國家都受害。我感到勝利的國家無力犧牲。” “領導人和公眾都將受害者的個人意識與整個國家的意識聯繫起來。他們認為,他們的痛苦和貧窮是由於外國的陰謀和全球不公正造成的。一切都是錯誤的,但人們相信。”
“不幸的是,這通常在他們通過指責移民和歐盟等國內機構來解釋人們的焦慮時起作用。” “除了造成不平等的真正原因之外,他們求助於少數民族。儘管時代和情況千差萬別,但他們關於自己的國家正在受到國際社會攻擊的指控已經過去。類似的機制正在發揮作用。”
“教育人們,交流和傾聽理性對我們有幫助。對工業不足地區的工人進行再教育是一個例子。國家承擔成本效益。讓他們獲得新的資格和技能。向人們展示他們是有效的他們有一個真正的解決方案。” “美國拜登政府的措施充滿希望。它們將返回《巴黎協定》,同時對常識與現實之間的俄羅斯採取報復性反應。人們向拜登先生提出世界觀。我會開始的,但我不應該著急。” “只有花時間解決真正的問題,才能創造成功的未來。美國歷史上許多真正的前景都是在總統任期的晚些時候出現的。”(日本經濟新聞,紐約接受采訪=Ooshima Yumiko)