Family of Black man fatally shot by Northern California police officer files civil rights lawsuit

A video which captured a part of the shooting has emerged.


So I’m going to state this, a suicidal man was wrongly shot by a police officer. The police officer want to trial and did not loose his job or have charges against him. The police officer stated in court he already had his decision made that when he arrived the person who approached him with a razor pointed at his own arm would be shot if he came ten feet near him! Police officer also stated that while he route he made decision to not use a taxer because a pastbuse it didn’t always work.Yes this is court document! The police use this tactic!? Where is mental health trained individuals to support a hurting person in crisis??Basically the police was protected because the person was told to stop and drop the razor. 12 shots later by police the suicidal man is dead! Didn’t even strike the police! How does that officer walk??? Because he gets his “line in the sand”, self protection clause? Be very weary when people have mental illness and police are involved! I’m following this story! The family sued wrongful death, keep in mind, the person is dead by police action and he didn’t even touch the police officer. This man is to. The man in article did attack police, it will have a different outcome. They fire this police officer, the officer that killed the suicide man must be fired as well! Prosecuted. Loop holes, push blame on to another person for this police man choice. Beyond sad to ALL involved! To this family, sorry. Search my words and build a solid alliance and help bring justice to the ones who walk with ZERO remorse. Help the mentally ill do not kill them intentionally! Learn to defend yourself and do a takedown with a partner. Learn to deescalate the situation with connection! I know you can’t reason with a person not sober minded but always use least restrictive environment! Start with support! This called warranted a mental health professional. Walk up and say, howdy! Looks like some rocks are going over the bridge. Something on your mind? Like to talk about it??? Ya, I’m feeling suicidal and testing this rocks going over the bridge. We don’t want that, we have lots in life to still do. The conversation goes into connection! Mental health walks up, I notice you throwing rocks over the bridge and it’s hitting cars, are you aware it could hurt them? Have a conversation! They are under the influence, violent, then proceed with gentle take down! After 3 seconds release. It’s always better to connect than be a ego driven d&ck! Compassion! They fire and charge this police, the must fire and charge the other police man that walks free when the victim didn’t even touch him!