Biden administration projects ongoing need for shelter capacity for migrant children

The Biden administration will need to continue to build up bed capacity and drastically reduce the time it takes to release unaccompanied migrant children to a sponsor in the US to avoid backlogs in Border Patrol facilities in the coming months, according to internal government documents.


Trump did not care if we were in a pandemic when he invited his supporters to go to mega spreader rallies and be packed in like sardines to write checks and stroke his ego. This was as late as November when Trump was very aware that the virus was killing thousands. He had said the border was a crisis before elected in 2016 and other than the wall Mexico was suppose to pay for had no plans. Nothing had changed in Trumps four years so he kicked the can down the road to Biden. That is what Trump is famous for. When the going get rough he either goes golfing or slithers away.