Dr. Fauci reacts to potential FDA emergency use authorization for Covid-19 treatment

Dr. Anthony Fauci reacts to the news that Merck is seeking US Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization for its experimental antiviral Covid-19 treatment, molnupiravir.



I ask people all of the time, Why would Fauci be pushing the vaccines so hard? He never talks about the importance of being healthy so we can naturally fight off Covid (which 99% of people do). And we know health is key. So why? And now this comes out and he’s still pushing vaccine mandates. Why? Wouldn’t a drug, that can be used for the tiny present age who get covid, and get seriously ill, be better than 100% of the healthy people in this country taking a rushed FDA approved vaccine? Wouldn’t the drug be a safer approach world wide! Some say he pushes it for money…but he has a lot of money. More than he will ever spend. Some say he pushes it because when it’s proven he is connected with the lab leak, he can say he did everything possible to save lives in hopes that it proves no ill intent to harm, hence avoiding harsh penalties. Some say he pushes it so when millions are vaccinated and it proves ineffective, they can blame Trump for leading warp speed, just in time for 2024 elections. These are all interesting views. I’m not sure the reason. But it’s not the science. So I’m curious as to what we’ll eventually uncover as truth.

If we have over 68 million not vaccinated and the number of active cases is declining then clearly we don't need those 68 million to take the death shots. Besides, we know that at least half of the cases since July have been people who took those shots. Fauci doesn't know what he is talking about.

If there is a safe treatment for Covid that works, and there is, then of course no "vaccine" is required or necessary. In fact, I believe that by law if there is a cure and prevention for a disease then we can't have a "vaccine".

It's started already....Merk's super pill, molnupiravir. So let's make a reasonable cost projection according to Forbes.....The non-regulated market price would be no more than $20, factoring in the cost of manufacturing and a modest profit for all the intermediaries between the manufacturer and the patient. That seems pretty low....but it's 35 times less than the Merck/Ridgeback government price of......$700..!! Let’s see....treating 100 million Americans over the next two or three years with a $700 drug would cost taxpayers $700 billion, but only $2 billion at $20. Which begs the question whether we will we once again price gouge our citizens while depriving them of life-saving medicines to control a pandemic that has ravaged our lives and our country.

We don’t listen to that clown Fauci. My wife and I talked it over when this entire scamdemic started and decided we were all going to get the Kung Flu anyway so we were just going to live life as normal. No masks, no staying home, no avoiding large gathering and no shots. We hosted happy hours in our bar room and large gatherings for the holidays. We hosted gatherings of 15+ for Independence Day, Thanksgiving, CHRISTmas and New Years We let the kids leave the house mask to play with their friends. The China Virus went through our house, it was nothing and we now have lifetime immunity to the Wu Flu. We are alive and kicking. Sure glad we didn’t give up a year of our lives.

The only acceptable solutions we see for Covid-19, are ones that will bring in record profits for Big Pharma. Trump's Bank, Deutsche Bank, helped him cover up $70 million in losses. This is also the same bank that became the depository bank for Astrazeneca. Trump's operation Warp speed partnered with Astrazeneca as well for Covid-19. To go further, Trump's operation Warp speed gave billions to Moderna. This is the same company that Bill Gates (the world's largest individual investor of vaccines) holds the Covid-19 patent for. Everything that has happened has enabled Big Pharma more than anything. Why can't we have both natural and artifical solutions??? Why did the politics of Trump lead to nothing but pharmaceutical interest.