Grassley embraces Trump’s support as he continues to push election lies

CNN’s Gloria Borger and former advisor to Vice President Mike Pence Olivia Troye discuss former President Donald Trump’s continued push of election lies and his hints at a potential 2024 presidential run.


Why should anyone be surprised about Senator Charles Grassley embracing Donald Trump? This is not shocking at all. We just watched a daily circus from Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress over the last 4 years. We saw Trump appoint a new press secretary who never held a press conference. Donald Trump tried to ban a CNN reporter from White House press conferences simply for asking questions similar to what reporters asked previous presidents. The public saw Republican members of Congress stand by President Trump after he asked the Ukraine president to provide dirt on Joe Biden and his son. Lastly, the public heard a Georgia Republican congressman who claimed that the January 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol Building was akin to "a tourist visit." The shock is not the daily events by our former president or Republicans in Congress. The real shock is the millions of American people who still naively believe whatever Donald Trump and Republican members of Congress tell them. I never would have believed the American public was so gullible, but I was wrong. This is like the 1960's show "Green Acres.," Many Americans remind me of the characters in that series. Except this is real.

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Notice from the editor of CNN:

All news reports on CNN are brought to you by the socialist democratic leadership ,financed by George Soros and the Chinese communist party ️We try to provide the highest quality of slanted,embellished and biased news ️Our manufactured outrage is second to none️
Our mission is complete brainwashing,please accept our news as factual,,even though each of our high paid pundit guest are hard core socialist democrats and every one of our sources are un named ️
The favorite news source for low brow knuckle dragging socialist morons️

They are not honest journalist,they are activist propagandist and profiteers️


CNN, the fake phony network that lies, and misleads it’s viewers, and convinces them to hate Trump, but yet they can’t go one day and not mention Trump. Their ratings have dropped 80% since he’s left office. Report on inflation. Report on the vaccinated dying and the side effects from the vaccines. Report on the open border and the 60,000+ caravan of illegals headed to Texas. Report on how we have to mask up and be vaccinated but people who enter illegally do not. Report on the Americans who are still in Afghanistan. Report on Biden’s 38% approval rating and how the majority of people who voted for him are having buyers remorse. Report on Hunters shady business dealings like you would if it were one of Trumps sons. Report on the Durham indictments of a Clinton attorney. Honest, fair and accurate reporting may get your ratings up. If Trump is no big deal and not a threat then what’s with the constant mentioning of his name?

The experiment in representational democracy failed and died with Trumpism. The notion of a sociopath having this level of blind support proves it.
He is guilty of numerous serious and criminal frauds
He mishandled the pandemic and 700,000 citizens died so far
He colluded with Putin to hand over Syria
He extorted a foreign country (Ukraine) to blaspheme his political opponent
He abused his office to enrich himself and his family
He is a serial abuser of women
He has ripped off hundreds of contractors and investors
He coerced elected officials to add votes illegally in many states including Georgia
He conspired to overturn an election
He conspired to occupy congress
He attempted to install his goon as Justice Director
He made secret plans with Republicans to seize power
He coerced the then Vice President to bypass the law and the Constitution
And then he incited the domestic terrorists to break the law and to violently invade Congress where people were killed and seriously injured
And he could be elected again?
America is kaput

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