Bodycam video shows Dayton, Ohio, police officers dragging a Black paraplegic man out of his car during a traffic stop

A Black paraplegic man from Ohio has filed a complaint with the NAACP after video showed police officers pulling him out of his car by his hair and arms during a traffic stop late last month.


As a European citizen, I have a question. Why do you need to get out of the car for a mere traffic stop? Is it in case there’s a weapon in the car?! Surely you can then ask for the driver’s hands to be held on the steering wheel so they can be visible at all times. Not to mention the shocking way they pulled him by shoulder and HAIR out of the car.
Police reform/retraining needs to take place. Was shocked to learn a couple of days ago that to become a police agent in the USA, you only get 6-8 months training. It should definitely be the same length of a college degree. Surely then they can go through the necessary training for deescalating conflicts, deal with uncooperative people in a more humane, and at the same time also a more effective way.
Changes absolutely need to happen, because abolishing police is not an option, they are vital for society, but they need to be working for the people, well trained (and sufficiently) and held accountable when mistakes/purposeful wrongdoings are being made.

Cops need to have college degrees and intensive psychological training in regard to self awareness. Make academy 2 years instead of 8 months. Have psychological testing have disqualification procedure for too aggressive behaviors related to the needs of the job. Have a federal and state network that identifies officers who have been let go from the force for violence that is excessive or not called for have an inability to apply to other police forces until proper education or evaluation is achieved for future employment. Have a three strikes policy where officers are no longer to be employed given unjust incidences.

There was no reasonable or articulable suspicion that the officer gave in order to legally justify him being pulled from his vehicle. There was no crime committed as far as we know. This was not a drug stop, and even if the officer said he smelled something, which he didn’t, still didn’t give him the legal right to search. Not even bring the dog out. I say that because there was no law description on what a certain drug smell like. They would be each persons perception. Laws are black and white, not based on perception. That would mean you could literally pull 20 people over and say you smell marijuana just to search. We know they give those dogs commands to sit on a certain area of the vehicle just to have an excuse to search. Let’s not put on a blindfold and act as if we didn’t see what happened. Let’s not be dismissive and only talk about the behavior of the guy that was pulled over. What we saw was a complete failure to deescalate and professionalism went out the window.

I live in Dayton. Maybe you should know the whole story before flapping your lips about the officers.

The NAACP is pursuing (probably money) for the police profiling him, unlawful arrest and illegal search and seizure of his vehicle.” Forward claimed, along with being forced from the car, Owensby was also not read his Miranda Rights before being taken to jail.

First it was a lawful arrest. A K9 alerted on the vehicle. The Supreme Court has upheld that if a K9 alerts on a vehicle for drugs or weapons that gives probable cause to search. The court also stated that if a K9 alerts on money that has a drug scent it is reasonable to conclude that money has passed through drugs. So the NAACP is full of crap.

Second when a person is arrested it is not mandatory or a persons right to be given Miranda UNLESS that person is going to be formally questioned, interviewed or interrogated. So again the officers didn't do anything wrong.

Third he was leaving a drug house that was under surveillance. Terry v. Ohio states that a person leaving a known high crime area the officers can stop, frisk and question the invidual(s) because the officers can articulate a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been or will he committed.

The NAACP has no grounds to pursue anything against the officers nor the department. Once again it is someone elses fault. You need to research things before you flap your lips.

The fact that people are finding ways to justify the police in the situation is asinine. The police are not always right. This whole concept that you either wholeheartedly support the police no matter how blatantly disgusting and racist they are, or The only other option is that you hate all the police even if you just want the bad ones held accountable and weeded out makes no sense. So if you don’t support a police officer being blatantly racist, then you hate all police and want the police abolished? Why is it that peoples viewpoint can’t be somewhere in the middle when it comes to the police. I personally think most officers are good, but I think that there is racism that runs rampant, especially in certain geographical locations, and I also think there are people that end up in positions of power that shouldn’t be. There are people that will abuse their position of power just based on their nature as a human being, and they will find ways to abuse it. And the fact that people think the police need so much support is funny because they are literally the most protected profession in existence. Derek chauvin was the first white police officer in Minnesota to be convicted of killing a black person. So this idea that the police officers are horribly ridiculed and nobody is on their side is just simply false. They can literally do whatever they want, and 99.99999% of the time, they are going to get away with it, and they are going to have full support from the powers at be. Do I think they have a difficult job? Of course, but contrary to popular belief, many police officers are compensated well and can retire at a young age.

I’m not understanding why he didn’t ask the cops for his wheelchair. The other thing I don’t understand is how he’s driving. I feel like they’re is more to this story. Also, people with brand new Auidis, don’t drive around with 20k in savings in a bag, leaving a drug house. Something is fishy about this story. Nonetheless, I hope the child in the car was okay. People should really set a better example in front of their kids. This would have been easily avoided had the driver just followed the law instead of playing roadside activist. I’m so tired of see these unnecessary situations transpire in front of children

Once he requested a supervisor, the conversation should have been over until the supervisor arrived. These officers failed to follow procedure. There also appeared to be no basis for a reasonable suspicion of drugs in the vehicle, and since none were found that will not bode well for the police. Also, having a large sum of money is not a crime. In the end, this will probably result in yet another Black citizen receiving a large legal settlement at taxpayer expense; which will do nothing to mitigate the trauma and humiliation this man suffered, or alleviate his fear of suffering a similar event every time he gets in his car to go somewhere. The worst part is that his fear will be justified because nothing will change.

This one gets me. Why didn't the officer call EMS to assist with removing him from the car? I highly doubt the police are trained on how to properly handle spinal cord injured people. Why not take his keys and wait for EMS? And why after dragging him out and searching him for weapons did they continue to treat this "suspect" like he was going to get up and run?!?! Do they not know what "paraplegic" means? You can even tell the vehicle is set up for someone who can't use their legs. Also, what was the reason of pulling him over to begin with?
This was unacceptable. As someone who normally supports LE, I just can't support this. Do cops have a hard and scary job? Sure, they do. Are there amazing police officers? Yes, definitely. Do they get it wrong sometimes? Obviously! And when they do, should they be held accountable? 100%

I would like to see a physician interviewed to explain the medical dangers of dragging a person with paraplegia onto the pavement. (I can imagine there is increased danger to internal organs and the possibility of further damage to the spine.) What we see in that video (in addition to the brutality and apparent racism) is an enormous need for police training around how to (and not to) physically move a person with a physical disability. [Of course we've already seen how failure of training for law enforcement officers has cost the lives of people with cognitive/developmental disabilities and mental illness.]

10ºI think it's now up to the citizen to implement community policing if the government won't, communities have to protect their own from harassment, assault, and possible death like Breana Taylor, #Icantbreathe and #endsars. Communities have to be more vigilant than the police, the police shows up after robberies, kidnaps, and aggravated assaults, but the community members are always there first, and the police end up always killing and assaulting community members. I'm speaking from experience in my own country, and global intelligence I've gathered, I don't know how it is in your city, you can tell me in the comment section below.