Biden administration ends mass worksite immigration raids

The move is another key departure from Trump administration immigration policies


So just that I understand, those employers who bring in a bunch of illegals, paying no employment taxes, and breaking the law on several counts, can no longer get raided, but Joe and the gang are supercharging the IRS by $80B for more equipment and people (therefore bigger government) so they can look at our financial transaction to $600 looking for $450B in uncollected taxes (their words) because millionaires move money $600 at a time. How is this ok with everyone either fiscally, legally, or morally??? So business owners with illegals get a free ride, and the rest of America gets put under a microscope???

this is why all black Americans can not vote for this guy, he was put in office by the Yale university skull and bone men, i don't think black america voted for him like the news system say they did, you can send the dark skin Haitians back on planes, but not send these George Walker/bush Mexicans back .. it for Jeb Bush half Mexican son for his 2028 or 2032 run for president, they will have the population, unless we stop Biden and these democrats now, i'm a black Democrat, but not for this at all,

you are going to take a pen and piece of paper and write in a massive population that will give them a bigger legal voting population then i have {somebody is not playing with a full desk}, i rather keep fighting the white American over ?