She buried her 10-year-old who died from Covid. Less than 24 hours later, she was combating misinformation at a school board meeting

Less than 24 hours later, she was behind a podium combating misinformation from parents


I still don't agree if this thing is going to be here permanently then we have to learn to live with it and you can bet we will refuse to become a mask wearing society. Teach your children to protect themselves by washing hands sneezing into arm covering mouth when cough you know the basic stuff everyone seems to have forgotten. Children are at risk every day and flu can cause death too. I mourn for her loss and any loss but you can't expect society to continue masking when it can be more dangerous to their physical and mental health

So sorry for that family’s loss All schools need to get it together my daughter was exposed on oct 1 but never got quarantined until oct 7th. So a whole week went by of her going to school being out in public when she should of been home. Got the phone call from the health department the day before her quarantine was done saying she shouldn’t be around anyone really wow ... then I try to pull my kids out of school to do remote learning but I’m told they have to have a medical excuse from the doctor to do so smh

Why have some people are so selfish..when you will believe that covid is real and can cause death? When it's too late? Cannot see millions of people died of covid. Don't tell me the died just like that. Come on people the brain is free to use. Use it sometimes. The only way to protect from covid is get vaccinated and also follow the health protocol.. here kuwait most of people get vaccinated already the life here almost become normal but still we are follow the health protocol. Now kuwait is one of the safest place to travel.. I hope all the people will think the goodness for others and be responsible to protect ourself our families friends and the people in our society..

If you don't like something it's either propaganda or misinformation, depending on the side you're on. Personal experience and bias is preventing people from allowing others to make the best informed choices for themselves and are trying to impose their will on others. And no matter how you swing it or what side you want to stand on and agree with there is plenty of information supporting both views. Which is why your personal choice matters. For some people covid is a lesser risk than the vaccine. Y'all just need to stop Live and Let Live. Because the EX vaxxers are not preventing you from living your life. If you're too scared of covid-19 stay home

So now The protected need protection from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn't protect the protected in the first place ) Now they want your kids to take it and be their Guinea pigs on trial. And error vaccines
UPDATED ON: AUGUST 19, 2021 / 6:18 AM / CBS NEWS Three-quarters of patients who tested positive for COVID-19 after numerous large public events who were fully vaccinated, according to a federal study published Friday.
Among the 469 COVID-19 cases identified, 346, or 74%, occurred in fully vaccinated people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found. Most of the vaccinated patients, 79%, experienced symptomatic breakthrough infections. Testing from 133 patients revealed that the delta variant was responsible for 90% of the cases.
Of the five COVID-19 patients who required hospitalization, four were fully vaccinated. No deaths were reported.

Just remember, it was the "Republicans" who lied about the virus and refused to wear masks and refused to social distance and refused to get vaccinated and who passed laws to make it easier for their supporters to spread this virus that has now killed over 725,000 American men, women and children and 2,000 more are dying each and every day. America has 4% of the worlds population so the Republicans had to work very hard at spreading their deadly virus so that America has 25% of the worlds total deaths from this virus. Republicans did this because, well, you know, they're "Republicans".

Why are so many people ignirant of what a PANDEMIC means? Every country in the entire WORLD has people who have died of COVID 19 and more who continue to get infected. The pandemic is not political. The virus doesn't care whether you are Republican, a Democrat, an Iindependent, a Christian or an atheist or a Buddhist or a heathen. The virus cates not if you live north of the equator or south. It is an equal opportunity wannabe killer. Stop politicizing this and wear that mask when you are out in public. Buy fun masks for your kids to wear in school!

Again, her daughter was not perfectly healthy. She, as well as all but one other person in the family are obese. Other than being elderly, that is the biggest factor in serious infection from this virus.

Start reporting the truth! People do have control over how this virus will effect them. People need to get healthy, exercise, eat right and if they are obese, they need to lose weight!
(For my height and weight, I am considered morbidly obese, so I'm not off the hook either).

Shame on these legacy media outlets that are continuing to fear monger parents into believing their child is at serious risk! Less than 400 kids in the US died with COVID from March 2020 through the end of September 2021. OVER 800 kids (almost 900) died from PNEUMONIA in that same time frame! All kids that died WITH COVID, not necessarily FROM COVID, had comorbidities (such as leukemia, diabetes, rare genetic disorders and obesity). Your HEALTHY child has a ZERO - .001% chance of dying with COVID.

In case you weren't aware, you and your kids have a 26% chance of dying in a motor vehicle accident! Do you still allow your children to ride the school bus or travel by vehicle? They have over a 25% of dying in that manner compared to COVID!

All information regarding these numbers are on the CDC website.

Did you know that most kids don't even have the ACE2 inhibitors that cause the virus to take hold in the body? The numbers being reported are from CONTACT TRACING, not many are from the actual positive confirmations.

Now, quit believing this fear mongering nonsense and start letting your kids live like normal kids! I hope you realize the fear you are teaching them to have will cause lifelong, devastating consequences.