He rented a 10-foot U-Haul truck and drove over 500 miles to get home after Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of flights

No rental cars were available, and booking on another airline would have cost about $1,800, Melchert said. So the couple rented a U-Haul truck, threw their carry-on luggage in the back, and were homeward bound.



First it was health care worker's, then police, fire departments, then teachers, then companies with more than 100 employees. All based on words, words that Joe spouted out. Berating the un*axxed blaming them for the continued and ongoing issues. All the while. Flip flop fauci knew months ahead of time what was coming and kept it to himself.

There is still no FDA approval for these jabs. There is an application. The approval is for a jab that is not offered in the USA and cannot be mandated. They are still under Emergency Use.

Every company that instituted this "mandate" for employees should be embarrassed. There is no law for this, just Biden barking on TV about it. No Executive Order, no legislation, nothing.

Thank you to the people who are willing to sacrifice for their beliefs, whatever they may be.

President of the Southwest Airline Pilot’s Association:

When asked by CBS News if there was any chance the disruption could have been caused by pilots calling out sick over the company's vaccine mandate, Capt. Casey Murray, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, said that was not the case and that the airline's pilot sick rate for this weekend was "right in line with what was occurring this summer."

"So outside of air traffic control and weather, you point the blame squarely where?" CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett asked.

"Squarely on Southwest, I point to how they manage the network and how their I.T. also supports that network. Once a little hiccup occurs due to the internal processes, our pilots aren't getting to where they need to be. We've been sounding this alarm for about four years and have seen very little approach to correcting it," Murray said.

Would be nice if we had a rail network like Europe. We sort of used to have one up until the late 60s. New regulations and the postal service stopped shipping mail by train sort of killed them all. There was less desire to travel by train as well but I believe if it were done correctly using the German rail network as an example? People nowadays would be more willing to use it and the postal service could help out a lot by returning its shipping to the railroads. Railroads also ship oil at greater quantities and faster than pipelines…so there’s that opportunity at expansion as well since pipelines aren’t popular with most people.

My husband and I flew Southwest to Portland, Maine. When we went to bed Sunday night, our Monday morning flight was still “on-time”. When we woke the next morning at 3:30am, it was cancelled. We went to the airport and were told by the counter agent that they could not re-book us home until Thursday, 14 Oct. They could not give us hotel/food vouchers. They could not re-book us through another airline. We were told, “call Southwest to get your flight refunded, that wait time is currently about an 8 hour hold on the phone.” The refund will take 7-10 business days. We found a flight on American out of Bangor, Maine, a little over 2 hours north of Portland. We paid the high same-day booking rate. We drove our rental to Bangor and paid another steep fee to the rental car company to drop off our rental in a different city than where we picked it up. American got us home this morning after some weather delays in our connecting city. We were awake/traveling about 23 hours, spent about $1500.

Swa had a pilot die in the cockpit mid flight....that pilot took the moderna shot a few days earlier....i believe swa is pulling pilots for safty reasons....its not weather related....really swa is the only airline saying its weather related... think about it.... you don't even know the ingredients in the vaccine that's being put in your body.. they're not telling you what they're putting in your body think about it... ask to see the medical insert before you take your shot they won't show it to you it's blank........ it's wrong to force people to take the shot... I think people are starting to realize that now... it is a gross human rights violation....

The pilots are not going to go for these jabs.
32k medical workers in NYC alone walked off the job.

In July 2021 an outbreak of covid occurred in Mass. resulting in 74% of the infected had taken both shots more than two weeks before getting infected.
The CDC used this data to reverse its no-mask rule for those who got the shots.
This means the shots do not stop the spread of the virus.
The SCOTUS ruled that a smallpox Vax could be mandated because the Vax stopped the spread of a deadly virus and there were no treatments that worked.
When the SCOTUS rules on the covid mandated shot that does not stop the spread of covid will they rule it can be mandated even when there are many treatments that work?
Nobody in their right mind would mandate a shot that does not stop the spread and the CDC said both those who took the shots and those who did not have the same viral loads.
So when the first person dies or is injured and was compelled to take this shot or lose their job the lawsuits will fly
And every city, state, and business that mandates these shots will be sued into bankruptcy starting next year.

"In July 2021, following multiple large public events in a Barnstable County, Massachusetts, town, 469 COVID-19 cases were identified among Massachusetts residents who had traveled to the town during July 3–17; 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated persons. Testing identified the Delta variant in 90% of specimens from 133 patients. Cycle threshold values were similar among specimens from patients who were fully vaccinated and those who were not."


How the media is still so ignorant on these vaccines. There's so many reasons why many people won't take these vaccines right now! There's been attempts at revamping VAERS since studies have shown that it only picks up %1 to %10 of adverse reactions and the attempts were stopped! There's no large scale double blind studies. The amount of deaths from these vaccines could be the number reported 11000...110000 or if it's just catching 1 percent then 1 100 000 people. In smaller studies people were 4x more likely to have heart attacks if they were fully vaccinated...on top of that ACKNOWLEDGE NATURAL IMMUNITY!...Approve Novavax because it uses older technology that many people are more comfortable with! And in the mean time STOP TRYING TO FORCE IT ON PEOPLE AND SIT DOWN AND LISTEN TO THEM! WE HAVE RAPID TESTING THAT IS A LOGICAL SOLUTION UNTIL PEOPLE FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE! And did you even thing that preventing people from catching it last year could cause people to die from it this year or next year when maybe they would have fought it when they were a couple years younger? You know, since the majority of deaths are in older people?