How she was chosen to be the only tourist in Bhutan

Fran Bak never read "Eat, Pray, Love." But when her husband of 30 years died, she set off on a spiritual journey that would take her through Bali and India, and eventually end with her being the only tourist given permission to enter the kingdom of Bhutan since the advent of the pandemic.


Wonderful story. Imagine if the U.S. adopted the Bhutan philosophy of taking people's health and happiness into consideration when adopting new laws or policies:

"...Bhutan. In the 1970s, as it began opening up to tourism, the Himalayan kingdom established the "Gross National Happiness Index."
A national body is tasked with periodically polling Bhutanese people on nine "key areas" of happiness -- psychological well-being, health, education, good governance, ecology, time use, community vitality, culture and living standards.
The government, a constitutional monarchy, must take these factors into account when considering a new law or policy. Plastic bag bans may be fashionable in western countries, but Bhutan banned them all in 1999."