William Shatner and crew lift off

JUST IN: William Shatner, who played the iconic role of Captain Kirk on "Star Trek," has launched into space on a Blue Origin flight. This flight made Shatner, 90, the oldest person ever to travel to space, beating the record set just a few months ago by 82-year-old Wally Funk, who was a former astronaut trainee. Live updates:



Very nice show and wow I am greatful the entire thing went perfectly and sure it is great for Captain Kirk finally to experince becoming a real astronout.... still.... I am really wonder people still saying Hurray and Yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when BILLIONS of dollars are burned on the space even out tiny and lonely planet is is deep trouble. Will Bezos , Musk , Bronson, Buffet og other Billioners of our time ever begin using their money on saving this planet since I know that it is not impossible to save this planet any way if ressources are aviable. Saving a lake at time, a forrest at time, drinking water for a city at time, a threatened animal or plant at time.... are WAY more important than any space adventures!

The beginning of space is usually defined as the Karman Line or 62 miles high. NASA and the US Military define the edge of space as 50 miles up.

Two X-15 flights reached >62 miles while 13 others went >50 miles. The X-15 pilots that flew >50 miles high all eventually received astronaut wings from NASA.

Scaled Composites Space Ship Two brings people a bit over 50 miles.

The last Blue Origin sub orbital flight went 63 miles high.

As far as I know, only spacecraft pilots, professional crew members and some others are getting astronaut wings awarded by anyone. This would include the passengers on the automated SpaceX orbital flight back in September and non-professional Space Shuttle astronauts that went into orbit such as Congressmen Nelson and Garn who used their political clout to demand rides into space.

There is a bill in Congress to tax carbon associated with spaceship joyrides.


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