Man arrested for raping a woman on a SEPTA train while other riders failed to intervene, authorities say

A man was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman on a train, even as a number of witnesses failed to stop the incident or call police, authorities said


The whole world needs an update. We are worrying about fake artificial things that is only making the process of life nearly impossible.
If there was a way to give everyone a purpose for greatness on this planet and never once themselves ask why life has been this way to them. Would you take it?
A world with a purpose?
I feel completely devastated she had no one there to care for how she felt and the experience she had to endure.
Every eye witness should get prosecuted.
I was 10 years old once and no one helped me.
No person should ever have to evolve nasty nightmares of death pain and agony for the rest of their life.
Stand tall my friend. I am sorry this has happened to you. Don't ask your higher power why this happened. Because it did. Ask what opportunity can come from this. Stand tall for what you believe in and I will be right beside you.
Pain is a severe feeling to endure. It is one of the purest beside love. I always try and try and try to choose love. It will create beautiful word I call.

This is a textbook example of the bystander effect in action. Even in emergencies, onlookers are less likely to help someone if in the imagined or actual presence of others. A common thought is that others will call for help or intervene, or that “I’m late,” and “I can’t actually do anything.”

Do not condemn the witnesses of this event. Do not label them disgusting, repulsive, or irreparable human beings. It is so easy to just say, “Why didn’t they call 911!?” Everyone assumes that they would do so if they were there, yet here we are with witnesses whom did nothing. So you have no way of knowing what you would do in that situation. Obviously, yes, be aware of this and know that the right thing to do is call for help, just don’t be so quick to cast judgment without understanding the underlying Psychological principles at play.

The lost of HUMANITY, since 45 term in office, is still unbelievable of how low this people will go down to. There is no Respect, no Dignity, no Morality, no courage to do the RIGHT THING or to say the TRUTH .
This Society has degenerated into a SHAMELESS VILE and DESPICABLE SOCIETY.
I don't know if America will ever go back to the Helpful Common Sense HUMANITY Society ️ All because of a Republican DEMAGOGUE 2016-2021 mentality and narcissistic way of doing things, and displaying his
Savage degrading bullying of others as acceptable behavior. His VENOM spread throughout Our Country, and the beginning of Our United States of America , became an America lacking ALL EMPATHY, A HORRIFIC example of what we used to be.

Something in my mind still can't believe it. I wish those onlookers could be charged as accessories to the crime. I ALWAYS carried something I could hurt somebody with while on Septa. There is no way that would happen in my presence without me trying to do something to help. I still remember when a police officer came to the school to teach us about what to do in dangerous situations. He said, "If you feel like you are in danger in this city, you need to yell FIRE, and not help, because unfortunately we live in an apathetic city. If you yell fire more people will come out because they want to see it, but when you yell help no one wants to get involved." The year was 1976. It is more than sad to think nothing has changed.

This is the world we live in now. People are heartless, cold, and just has no regard for human life. It gets worse every day, and it will continue to do so. Never in a million years would you think something like that would happen and no one stepped in but that is the normal today. People are quick to record something on their phone but far from stepping in to stop something. I don't much like this world anymore oh, it's getting to be scarier and scarier no, I don't have much faith in humanity anymore. It's so sad what our world is coming to

You have to wonder if alt right and religious right has led to the former repositioning of women as subordinates. Women with no power or less power are seen as unimportant. There is now an upswing in spousal murders and homicides involving women. The usual misogyny or the hate from.incels has also been exacerbated by the covid pandemic shutdowns, loss of work, income, and a general mood of depression. The Guardian newspaper printed an article a few months ago.on this subject of increased violence against women. Article is titled End Femicide by Yvonne Robert's. Gabby Pettito comes to mind as a case in point.

It even happens here in Canada I saw a man overdosing on the sidewalk the other day and people were stepping over him just like he was a homeless person sleeping. What homeless person sleeps on the corner of an intersection splayed out with all their belongings spread out around them looking gray and not moving at all their head just a foot away from the road... If it had been a dog just laying there not moving people would have stopped to check on it but because it was a human people walked by and that grosses me out in the big way. Obviously I turn my car right around and thankfully by the time I got back the block that I had driven somebody had stopped and was on the phone with 911. I lose faith in humanity every time something like this happens those people will have to answer to the maker one day and explain why they don't care about other humans. You should care about helping your fellow humans so much that it doesn't matter if you get hurt or killed in the process you save a life

Every person who watched and did nothing should be charged with a crime and I hope the District Attorney decides to make an example of these people so that society as a whole will do better!!! - according to the article “People who videotaped the crime could potentially be subject to a crime, though that would be up to the District Attorney's office.” I’m sure the folks who just sat and watched thought “it’s none of my business” or “I don’t want to be a Karen” and I’m terrified for what this says about our society as a whole! How did we get to this point where people can watch someone be attacked and do nothing?!?!

This should bother, disturb every and anyone - I hope that the victim will get all medical, financial and psychological help needed, and that SEPTA will be increasing security on its transports

The train pictured here is a commuter rail train, which mostly services the Philadelphia suburbs - the Frankford El is an elevated train running from Frankford in Northeast Philadelphia to 69th Street in Upper Darby; there are transfer points to West and South Philadelphia on Subway-Surface Cars and the Broad Street Subway.

I mention this, as this incident hits home for me - I was born in Philadelphia, in 1958, lived there until 1984, and rode the Frankford El many a time on my way to Center City or transfer to the Frankford-Olney Express to get to the Philadelphia High School for Girls, an academic magnet school. ‘There for the grace of God go I’ - it could have been me

10ºIn the last days , the love of many shall wax cold... iniquity shall abound in the land. The times we are living in are horrible to say the least. One can only imagine what it will be like when the church leaves this earth and the antichrist's 7 year rule begins . This earth will be a hell to be left behind in it. How do other humans do this and feel no remorse. Was the man hold a weapon etc are questions one has! Or was this a bunch of lunatics on the same locomotive! This has sadly happened around us daily and we keep a blind eye..