Only 27% of Baby Boomers or older generations would want to go, but 63% of Millennials are up for it


Don't you understand? Don't you see it? The globalist are doing everything possible so we can all turn against each other. We we stand divided, we die alone. We have to stand together and do what is morally right in all aspects. This is our lives and earth is our home.

We can not allow division of any kind to infiltrate our lives. If we do, it's over. People are so caught up in none sense that they blind themselves from reality. Everything has a starting point and an end result. The end result can be positive or negative. That depends on us a one people, one race.

No human, country or government rules earth, we're not meant for that. If we continue on this path, it self-destruction. Why? We can makes all the positive changes and make earth so much more. But instead, arguments and fights over trivial things is what you allow to define you.