"I know whoever wins this series, no one wants an invite" to the White House, four-time NBA MVP LeBron James said



When Lebron James is not using his talent on the court he's still a black man doing his best to provide for his family. He gives back to his community not just the black community in so many ways that you don't even know about bcuz he doesn't have an over inflated ego that requires him to advertise like a particular Man Child we know. Also when he's criticized by every ignorant, racist, jealous, uneducated jackhole who hides behind a fake or irrelevant post he doesn't respond bcuz he knows who he is. He's comfortable in his own skin that he doesn't need validation from the invalids. Now your boy Don on the other hand.....

Just how I don’t care what Kanye West political views are, I don’t care what LeBron’s political views are. These overpaid athletes do not know the plight of the common man. It’s an honor to meet any president who is in office, regardless of political affiliation. If you want change in your inner cities and surrounding communities then why not address it with the man(President Trump) who actually has some power to change things for the better?! No, you can’t or won’t because just like how to cry and flop over a foul on the court, you’re going to throw the same kind of tantrum outside of the basketball court!

The greatest athlete of our time and in the top five B players of all time. But he is living proof that these Athletes need to get more education. Taking this kid out of HS did not do well by him. Mr James, news flash, you and the Cavs are going to lose and that is a fact you and the world knows. So as some child athletes do, they deflect the loss to another event or person. Man Child stop being a sore loser, Curry is the MVP and the Cavs are NOT going to win. FACT. Also the WH should not be inviting players to the WH, they have no knowledge of the history of this country. Half of them think the WH is in NJ. The guy is a moron.

hmm This is serious .... statement ... white house president can go to any place at any time without invitation .. He is the president .. He has the title .. Tell you the fact since there is a black and white issue in games ... I can tell you that if you were born in Nigeria.....you won't be able to tell anything against anyone .. They will kill you .. Also I want to tell you that whites only have developed .. many countries in Europe are developed and it's white countries ..so have to really think about these ... some people also play games ...i also see many African woman run after money ... If they are not concern of money only they marry a simple black man .. or else they marry for citizenship and other benefits ...

BIAFRA: If the Biafran war was between just the Nigerian side and the Biafran side, with the kind of technological wizardry demonstrated by the Biafrans who produced most of their weapons, the Nigerian side would have had a very tough time in the war.
If the Biafran war was between just the Biafrans and the ArewaNorth without the help of the Yorubas and other Middle Belt soldiers, by now, every Musa, Adamu and Buhari would be answering "ranka dede sir" to every Emeka and Chinedu somewhere in the East.
Even with all those world powers like Britain and Russia (two enemies who fought on the same side just to stop Biafra, but this is a story for another day), Egypt, Morocco and of course Nigeria and with all the blockade from land, Air and Sea amidst the constant bombardment plus the starvation, the Biafrans still held on for 3 years and even broke so many technological barriers under such an unfriendly environment, even as Nigeria is still dreaming of producing ordinary pencil in 2018. Shebi na 2018 be this??
Chew on this for a moment.
The Fulanis DID NOT defeat the Biafrans. Nigeria DID NOT defeat the Biafrans.
World Powers like Britain and Russia, Egypt etc did.
Those who are always quick to boast of how they defeated us in the war will do well to remember this fact.
# BIAFRA @51
© Charles Ogbu

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Lebron isn't an elected official. I love LeBron and the work he does. My issue is with how narcissistic and petty our President is. You cannot hold an athlete & the president to the same standard. He rarely acts presidential & has to respond to nearly every criticism thrown his way. Grow a backbone. How much crap do people say about Lebron?! He rarely acknowledges it, meanwhile the leader of the free world takes to Twitter & name calling every time he's offended. That's what happens when you enter politics. Trump would be doing himself a favor by being quiet and taking the higher ground sometimes

At least we are making progress. Unemployment rate lowest in 20 years. Stock market hit the highest ever under his Presidency. Squashed the ridiculous Iran nuclear deal. Put a US embassy in Jerusalem. Met with more foreign powers in his first year than other Presidents. Bringing jobs back to America. Cut taxes. Acted quickly on Syria for use of chemical weapons showing the world we are strong once again. Sent troops to Russia for violating the Nuclear forces treaty. Withdrew from the ridiculous Paris climate agreement helping us to produce our own energy(jobs). Got our NATO allies to put billions more dollars toward security. Kept troops fighting against the terrorists in Afghanistan. Yeah he's played a lot of Golf, tweeted and hurt your little feelings. But he has also worked enough to earn it. And the best thing he has done...wait for it...kept a proven crook out of the White House in Killary Clinton. That's enough for me!

When you have a weak mind through manipulation anything is possible.

Example: Through manipulation of the facts, trick people into thinking that The NFL Players choice to kneel during The National Anthem is disrespectful to the soldiers without people ever knowing that it was a Army Veteran Soldier that gave the players the ideal to kneel.

Make it about disrespecting the soldiers while at the same time disrespecting the soldiers that took a oath to protect The Constitution and the rights that go with it.

Here are the words and reasoning as to why The soldier told the players to kneel. Those that don't feel that they were trick are those that don't agree with equal rights for all, within the justice system.


10ºAnd I am sure no one cares if you go to the White House. But one things for sure you need to get that eye looked at. Btw all these aka activist who are professional athletes you guys don’t need hundreds of millions of dollars why not donate it to them. You say white folks are so evil yet you have no problem taking their money from them to play a sport. How about you stick to sports we’re your half decent at. How about you stop being a brainwashed puppet of the liberal media and politics. Funny thing is everyone says Trump is racist because the KKK threw there support behind trump that he didn’t want. But Van Jones from CNN and most the liberal party is racist and the most hateful group of all. Remember race tension came at a all time high under Obama then it had been since the civil rights. Don’t say it was because trump this was happing way before trump even announced or thought about running for office. So wouldn’t that mean obama who allowed and used the CIA to spy on Americans also is the bigger race divider and racists of them all ‍♂️