Democratic operatives argue the trend shows voters are prepared to rebuke the President in November


Both parties make me sick on so many levels. Starting with democrats in the 1800's and how the view black folk back then. Absolutely disgusting. Even though Republicans abolished slavery, black folks have been treated like trash under both administrations. 2018, take a look how they continue to treat black folk.

It may not be as wide spread, but the abuse continues under both administrations! Their's abuse on all levels from corporate to civil. Nothing gets done. The day the people start fearing the government instead of the government fearing the people, then we'll have a huge problem and it seems to be taking that turn.

You people, just don't learn. So what say far right republicans. They will cheat, lie, trick, payoff whatever, have you forgotten Mitch McConnell words to Obama presidency so soon. Let me remind you all hoe low down corrupt this whole VOTING gimmick is. He said they " we won't do anything to help him succeed " and all of white America went on, business as usual. And they did just that for 8 yrs. Gerrymandering! Sound familiar, still practiced and will be used. ALT Right. Steve Bannon still spreading propaganda. You see the electoral college system is a sham and a scam, and it's still the law of the land. When will black folks stop trying so hard to think they matter. They tell you to vote like its a cure to cancer. There is no cure. That's why you have only sports and entertainment as your real way out. You will get your every now and then success stories, that will be white America card to sell to your youth how to pull yourself up by the boot straps. Why? Cause you fall for it everytime, eat it up like cake, while HBC students work for white America and their wealth and not your own.

Dear liberals....
First of all you guys and fake news is hilarious! THERE IS A HUGE RED WAVE COMING FOR YOU.... be prepared you might drown. Do you truly think you have momentum with the hate, high taxing and lack of messaging you have!?! REALLY!?!?! Do you honestly think calling 63,000,000 plus people a bunch of racists cause you don’t agree is a winning solution that will bring people to their knees begging to belong to your totem polls!?? That your 16K followers are even fighting for your crap is even funnier. These cute 20 somethings acting like spoiled teenagers in need of a paddle to the butt are the face of your TV and movement. There’s a reason your party has a donkey for a mascot! Already the voters demand recount in California BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT! We know you’ll use any tactic TO STOP THE REVOLUTION HAPPENING THERE! Rest assured your tantrums will only begin! YOU ARE LOSING; because you are losers of ideology! Your evil never wins.... IS ONLY PROPELS THOSE WILLING TO STAND TALLER, STRONGER UNITED!!!!

Social Communism is coming people. America will become another cuba and Venezuela if the blue propaganda machine wins. Isnt that what the media foretold when they was so sure Hillary won but actually lost. Just look how the Democrats and their leader Jerry Brown has trashed and ruined California turning into a high taxes, crime ridden. Drug ridden, illegal alien santuary. But not caring about the real American citizens. With all the taxes they take in they can not build desalinization plants for water ?? but they impose new law to limit you to 55 gallons a day. That won't work with families. Homeless and drugs and defication all over their streets. Whose lining whose pockets.

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Democrat - dem·o·crat (deməˌkrat)
a corrupt political party that rig elections; favor illegal immigrants over the citizens of their own country; is pro-abortion of American babies but want to accept all illegal immigrants’ anchor babies; fail to secure the country’s borders; recreated racism by dividing American citizens into African Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans, etc; destroys the American family structure with their creation of a gender spectrum; continues to take basic and Constitutional rights and privileges away from law abiding citizens; dictates to women and racial minorities to vote in accordance to their sex and their race; makes heroes out of criminals who resist arrest; and put the sovereignty of this country aside to follow European leadership.

It doesn’t matter. President Trump can just do what President Obama did. Achieve his agenda via “executive order” like Obama did with DACA.
If President Trump wins re election congress will shift more Democrat if they have not already by then. If Trump loses re election to a Democrat presidential candidate then congress will shift back republican. It goes back and forth all the time. In the short term and small scale its a “feel good thing” for those folks not happy with a current President. In the long term large scale its a form of “checks and balances” so one executive branch doesn’t get all too powerful. Those that may have studied the constitution in 7th and 8th grade would learn this.
For most part the next presidential election will be about black or white black or white.
For me it will be about illegal. Immigration , border security, the economy, federal taxes ie paying the bills, foreign affairs, jobs etc and respecting the United states of America and my countries flag.