Search and rescue operations had to be temporarily suspended Tuesday as strong explosions in the volcano began. And pyroclastic flow -- a fiery mix of ash, rock and volcanic gases that can be much ...


Hi :) Everyone, God is not like people. He tells no lies. He is not like humans. He doesn't change his mind. When he says something, he does it. When he makes a promise, he keeps it, Numbers 23:19.

Jesus said: I promise you that you will be in Paradise with me, Luke 23:43. So believe in Jesus NOW and say: Thank you Lord Jesus, you loved me and you died in my place for my sins, Amen !

Vic Chou my dear brother, when you and I, Kin, believed Jesus died in our place for our sins, God also promised, he said: Now I promise not to be angry with you again or punish you, Isaiah 54:9. Why? Because Jesus was already punished for ALL our sins!

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