This group of angry lawmakers from New Jersey and New York attempts to gain access to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in New Jersey


Where were these hypocrites during the Obama administration? The same thing was occurring during those years but no one wants to admit it. All Republicans want to fix immigration, why don't they come to the negotiating table, put something in the books? No they'd rather use this as a screen tactic to garner more votes. Never know, come November they may lose enough seats so that Republicans can have a super majority, then we won't need Democrats to get things done. Keep up the silly shenanigans by all means. The majority of Americans aren't dumb to your games and that includes right minded Democrats....

More politicians that are more concerned about a photo opp than actually doing things in the proper way and trying to help the situation. If anyone actually reads the facts about this the court order didn’t state they can just show up and enter. There was also a protest going on and entrance was not going to be allowed until the protest was over. Also the visit was supposed to be escorted by the local Director of ICE. People please pay more attention to the facts before you make comments on edited videos. It just makes your argument look so weak. Are the detentions a shame? YES. Did they break the law? YES. This is a very sad situation but there are laws that need to be followed and when laws are broken there are consequences.

I am seeing all kinds of ridiculous comments here. First, this is not an "inspection", not officially. If it were, any elected official could demand entry into any government owned building at any time and wander around "inspecting". Try thinking and you'll understand how that would work out. Secondly, Steven, think about what you're any federal facility of any kind must allow entry to any and all congressmen who want entry? Again. Try thinking. It is not illegal...if it were, they'd be able to rummage through national security information, gain access to hospitals and patients' records, etc. The list goes on. So no Steven, you are usual, 95% of the people commenting here are wrong. You just make stuff up, blurt it out because I guess, it's social media. Then those who agree with your political positions pat you on the back and those who disagree blurt our their own lies and insult you. And so it goes.

AWESOME JOB by these LAWMAKERS! Only people who complain about checks and balances are people who break the law! Those are CHILDREN being held in those facilities, without their PARENTS! How terrifying this must be for those poor children.
How would you people like it if they took YOUR CHILDREN away? Think about that for a minute! There has to be checks and balances in this country otherwise they could just take ANYBODY’S children away! If the immigrants broke the law, fine, detain the families TOGETHER, until it’s resolved.
This isn’t happening because trump “cares so much” about our laws. This is happening because trump is retaliating against not getting his ridiculous wall he falsely promised. So, any time trump doesn’t get his way, is he going to retaliate with demented and evil tactics? Is he going to round-up OUR CHILDREN when he doesn’t get his way? This is a scary thought. #LOCKHIMUP

When lawyers start acting ratchet.... Banging on the glass how professional of your self. Do they have a Subpoena or other court order? Just because you were loyal doesn’t mean you can walk in to a government office and start demanding things. Or is that guy just another stormy Daniels lawyer trying to get his minutes of fame .They knew when they came here that it was the possibility of getting separated and what did these people do they still came here so the only thing at fault is this people trying to come here illegally or get Asylum that is not guaranteed

You know what this shows. Is you have NO RESPECT for the rule of LAW for this country And no respect for the people who have come legally..
Michael Steele & Nazi Pelosi Chuck Slimmer and the rest of you in this video. It's time for all of you to PUT UP OR STFU. You want them to come here ADOPT THEM You Support Them. I want My Tax ( RANSOM ) Money to go to helping homeless veterans. Why are they not going after the government of the countries that won't protect its own citizens and make them come here to Suckup our kindness... PUT UP OR STFU you crooked corrupt politicians ( vote suckers ) ADOPT A FAMILY OR STFU. But you won't do that. Remember Coming To America is A Privilege NOT A RIGHT

Hey guys,long time! Missed you much....while I was seem aiiiight! Last time I checked there was an investigation in full hear.. .led by ...Mueller I think...and you guys had the hots for good old "impeachment" ....;) ....a sneak here and a sneak there also leads to me thinking that the world's a better place now....what with the 'Trumpkim' romance and we now seem to also seem to be numb and immune to simple human decency of preserving the family unit best way we could....but that's progress.:) I miss our late nite rants....i miss a laugh here and a mind job there....sometimes a tear also came but we soldiered on.dont give up Americans,I won't;and that,You can take to the bank.

Yet, when all other parents are in jail , where are the children? Sure not with the parents. They are with child services. Other relatives. THEN for some reason we have this problem you say. THEN TELL illegals to keep coming. No problem. We can handle any situation here in the U.S. The same laws in effect now than when Obama was in office. Children seperated then. But, some say keep coming, nothing but a thing. Then gripping about a thing which you help to cause. Something which you do not WANT TO SLOW DOWN. Overwhelming and overloaded. Something of a problem for years. Resources, etc. Will take away a legal gun, before not dealing with illegal entry.

Well.. all ik is.. he blames everyone BUT HIMSELF. NOTE, Rep have been pretty silent n last 2months. It could b u or me the way things r going. I MEAN ANYONE! 4GET UR PARTY, 4GET UR RACE/(PRIVLEDGE some r using/etc.. Hes BCOME A DICTATOR. ITS DONNIES WAY. OR NO WAY.. Im not a democratic voter all the time n vice versa. THIS ADMIN. HAS GOTTEN OUTTA HAND BADLY!! One cant pout, throw a fit,take low shots etc 4 to long. He GOLFS EVERY WKEND SOMEWHERE..Media PRAISES all of the VILE BEHAVIORS like its OK. A Fox mews spokesman said last week, " I will no longet partake in this. Its looks like a "consitutional crisis" is going 2 happen. THATS SCARY!

10ºTrump laws go against any body
This is just a little taste of whats to come,
Revolution is here
if law makers decide to take armed state officers
Demand entry and armed Local facility emplyees refuse to grand entry it is called
Escalated conflict and guess what happens if somebody shoots
Thats right, WAR
qand not just on this matter but on everything
1. If trump is found guilty of anything and he dont want to go to jail,
His supporters will go to war for him,
If he looses the next ellection and he does'nt belive it like a child that he is,
If he is found guilty of collusion
U.S. is f**ed