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(John Joseph Gotti Jr. --- was born on 10/27/1940)ending on your language accent)
(John Gotti's nickname was Teflon Don)

(John Gotti died on 6/10/2002 at age 61)
(Age 61 = sixty number ones = 60111111etc. = 911)

(10/27/1940 = 2+7=(9) 9x1x0 =(0)
(Year 1940+9+0 = (1949)
(1949+27+10=1986) (8x6=48)
(6/10/2002 = (6)(10)(2+2=(4) = (614)
(6/14 = Donald Trump's birthday)

(Ray Patriarca Sr. ---- Was born on 3/18/1908)
(Ray Patriarca Sr. ---- Died on 7/11/1984)

(1984×11 = (21,824)
(3/18 = (3) (1x8=(8) 8x3=(24)
(21,824) = 8/24 = (Vince McMahon's birthday)
(7/11 = 7x11 = (77)
(Vince McMahon and Donald Trump will be age (77) in the year 2023)
(2023 = 322 = skull and bones)
(3/18 = the (77th) day in the year)

(3x18 = (54) --- Vince McMahon's grandfather Jess McMahon died in 1954)

(Raymond Patriarca --- 1984)
(Vincent J. McMahon Sr. died in 1984)

(Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino was born on 8/24/1902 and died on 10/15/1976 at age 74) (7x4=28=82)

(Vincent Kennedy McMahon's grandfather Jess McMahon was born in the year (1882=82)(8x2=16)

(Vincent Kennedy McMahon was born on 8/24/1945)

(Shane Brandon McMahon = Vince McMahon's son was born on 1/15/1970)

(Carlo = 10/15) (1+15=(16)
(Shane =1/15) (1+15=(16)

(Carlo = 1976+10 = (1986) (8x6=(48)
(Shane = 1970+15+1= (1986) 8x6=(48)

(Carlo's nickname = Don Carlo)
(Shane's middle name = Brandon = Bran-Don)

(Carlo and Shane both have 5 letters)

(Meyer Lansky --- Was born on 7/4/1902)
(7x4=28=82) (Jess McMahon was born in (1882)
(Year 1902 = 1x9=(9) 9x2=(11) = (911)

(Myer Lansky died on 1/15/1983)
(Shane McMahon's birthday is on (1/15)
(1983 = 1x9=(9) 8+3=(11) = (911)

(Constantino Paul "Big Paul" Castellano --- Born on 6/26/1915 and died on 12/16/1985 at age 70)
(Paul Castellano = WWE former president Gorilla Monsoon)

***Vince McMahon from WWE wrestling and his daughter Stephanie McMahon have sex with each other and control the Government, the Military, the Federal Reserve and Microsoft --- The McMahon's been in charge for hundreds of years with many different last names.***

(Naamah = Mahaan = Mc-Mahon)
(Naamah's mother is Lamech)
(Lamech = La-mech = Mech = Mick = Mc)
(Lamech is a descendant of Cain)
(Cain and Abel parents were Adam and Eve)
(Eve was buried at the Cave of Patriarchs)
(Adam and Eve had a grandchild named Noam)
(Noam = Maon = May-on = Mc-Maon = McMahon --- the letter n = the letter h depending on how big you write the first "l" to created an "n" or "h")
(One of the McMahon's last name is "Askew"
(Askew = Ask Who)
(As"kew" + Mc"Mahon" = Who Man = Human)
(WWE has a current wrestler named Noam Dar and former wrestlers such as Eve and Kane to name a few) (Wrestling also uses a ring bell)

(YouTube"NWO B-Team Confront NWO Wolfpac Elite - WCW Thunder January 7, 1999")

(NWO = New World Order)
(LWO = Latino World Order)
(Rey Mysterio - LWO leader)
(NWO WolfPac )
(Rapper Diddy's bodyguard was named Wolf)
(Rapper 2Pac + Wolf = WolfPac)
(2Pac has a feud with Diddy)
(Scott Hall wears his bandana like 2Pac)

(Kevin Nash formerly known as Diesel goes to the ring. He doesn't hit Rey but bullies him and tells him to leave the ring)
(NWO beats down Reys LWO group members)
(Kevin Nash = Kev=Ken -- V = upside down N)
(Kevin = Kev-Vin = Vince Kennedy McMahon)
(NWO beats up a wrestler named Psicosis)
(Psicosis real name = Dionicio Castellanos Torres)
(Torres = Notores = Notorious BIG = Biggie Smalls)
(Psicosis was born on 5/19/1971)
(John F. Kennedy was born on 5/29/1917)
(Psicosis = 1971 ---- John F. Kennedy = 1917)
(Psicosis = Castellano = Paul Castellano)
(Hulk Hogan mentions Ric Flair = a lookalike of someone)
(Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan mention the word "Big" many times --- Big = Biggie Smalls)
(Hulk Hogan says Big Poppa Pump and Puffy Wuffy)
(Big Poppa Pump = a wrestler)
(Big Poppa = Biggie Smalls nickname)
(Puffy Wuffy = Diddy formerly known as Puff Daddy)
(A wrestler named The Big Show comes to the ring --- The Big Show's real name is Paul White --- wrestler Triple H's real name is Paul)
(Hulk Hogan says The Big Show was suckered by a wrestler named Macho Man Randy Savage)
(Before Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie McMahon became married to Triple H, she slept with the Macho Man Randy Savage)
(A match is announced for Kevin Nash to fight against The Big Show also known as Paul White)
(Kevin Nash = Vince McMahon vs Paul White = Paul Castellano)
(A wrestler names Vincent also known as Virgil comes down to the ring)