The research suggest that environmental factors -- not genes -- are driving the decline in IQ scores, according to the study


Hate to burst your USA bubble.. This is a European study and it basically concludes..
If you cut education access you get a dumbing down...
..."Access to education is currently the most conclusive factor explaining disparities in intelligence, according to Ritchie. In a separate study that has not been released, he and his colleagues looked at existing research in an effort to demonstrate that staying in school longer directly equates to higher IQ scores."....
Applied to the US ... if you make education so expensive most won't have it.. And privatize public schools. , which already have suffered huge cutbacks ... You will have a population with lower IQs ....

The POTUS of the last eight years loved the fact that children weren't learning and this was to keep the demacartic party in office but it failed thanks to God .
The demacartic party dumb down children over the last eight years.. now president Trump has to get teachers back to teaching these kids
Shut down the demacartic party and improve America and we all shall gain.
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Are you on their list to live.
Better make sure.

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Of course each generation is getting dumber. We no longer spend days, weeks, months, years truly studying something, because we can just go online and find an answer to just about any question in ten seconds. Nowadays, you ask any youngster about something, and chances are, they tell you there's an app for that. Such accessibility of knowledge makes us lazier, because we don't think we need to put a lot of effort into learning.

However, this devaluation of learning, I imagine is only happening in the developed nations like U.S., Canada, EU, Australia. Our kids are rich, fat, and lazy compared to the kids from poor, developing nations. Kids from developing nations still value learning ... because they wanna be rich, fat and lazy someday. This explains why, nowadays, most of the scientists are coming from developing nations.

But our greatest fear should be that fact that the attitude towards learning has changed. Back in a day, people used to dedicate their entire lives to learning, instead of pursuing material riches. Hell, some of the greatest minds of all times have died in poverty because they believed that learning, in itself, was a reward. But nowadays, most people only go to college cause they think they'll make more money. That means you can forget about excellence, they only apply themselves a bare minimum necessary to graduate and make some money.

Many more studies show that IQ is largely heritable and only marginally affected by education. Infact almost all of the early gains in IQ are lost by adulthood when IQ becomes largely gene dependant.
This article is pushing the liberal/marxist narrative of people being born "tabula rasa". Unfortunetally we do not have a good way to increase IQ into adulthood (to genetic potential) beyond proper nutrition, non-violent parenting and a stimulating environment.
On the IQ question - IQ is the single most reliable, reproducable psychometeric test we have. IQ's predictive ability for things like income, criminality, health outcomes and more is unmatched.
We should all care about IQ for democracy will not survive below a certain point and the welfare state will collapse as below an IQ of 83 there is very little a person can do in this increasingly technologic world.
Anyone wishing to know more about IQ should read "The Bell Curve" by Charles Murray . Actually read it and judge for yourself as his work has been grossly misrepresented.

Slightly off topic but the whole method and structure of our system is archaic. It does not suit the way humans are naturally inclined to desire knowledge. Secondly, for the past year and a half I have been observing human interaction. If most of us took behavioural science and more specifically personality types seriously. Frankly your jaw would hit the floor at how much more harmonious daily life could be and to the subject of this article each type has their areas of natural proclivities. It is this knowledge which should be considered if the system is ever overhauled. As for environmental influences much easier to see and measure. So the question begs to be asked...Why did we let it get to this?

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