The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics says separating immigrant kids from their parents at the border "really is nothing less than government-sanctioned child abuse"


While you are out celebrating Father’s Day, let us not forget that we have, in the United States of America, a tyrannical Executive Branch who takes it upon itself to forcibly separate children from their parents in the most horrific and barbaric way possible... then locks them up in cages in detention centers....

This is CHILD ABUSE and not the behavior of a benevolent liberal-democratic nation. It is the behavior of a despot. REMEMBER THESE PHOTOS when you go to vote in November. Take back both the Senate and House with large majorities to pass legislation to BAN this abuse and override Despot Trump’s veto! Look at this child!

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

Watched msnbc last night and the reporter clearly stated this happened during the Obama administration as well and when they interviewed a parent he clearly knew what was going to happen. So let's get some good old common sense going and put two and two together. If you know what your getting yourself into as a parent and know the consequences of that action could harm your child and you proceed to go ahead with that action it is therefore considered neglect. It's time that you quit blaming other people for someone's actions and make them own up to there own actions.

America breaking their hearts. the Democrats BROKE AMERICA'S HEART.
People losing their jobs, life savings, their children's college funds, their homes, cars, recreational vehicles, vacation funds, and spending money for family activities because of Democrats ploy to redistribute the wealth to create dependent poverty BROKE AMERICA'S HEART. Having their health care downgraded BROKE AMERICA'S HEART.
a member of a group of people who attempted to destroy America's Constitution and Laws. You want to support operating like an extension of how the USSR achieved complete control over their people. That is why President Trump is in the White House. We the People know how to heal America's Broken Heart and it is not by your groups policies of hate and separation.

Wow. Reading these comments makes me so sad. How many of you have actually spoken to an undocumented worker? I have. For 30 years this man was in this country TRYING to become a citizen. He worked for his father in law. He married and raised children. NOW he is being told he has to leave after our government would NOT grant him citizenship just kept extending his visa???? So he DESERVES to be separated from his family because he crossed the border to escape a military government and an economy that keeps them oppressed? He’s not the only one either!! Do the research people! What this administration is doing is morally repugnant in SO many levels! ENOUGH!

I cannot believe that this is happening in America of all places. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves. Human rights? Why is this man and his cabinet not gone from this office? What are the people in America thinking? You are taking human and civil rights that have been worked so hard for away. This man you call president is wanting to be a dictator and an evil one at that. Say hello to the next Hitler. You elected him now it’s time to end this regime unless world war 3 is what you are looking for. Barack Obama and company of serious dedicated politicians where are you?

This is not something new. Activists have been fighting the separation of kids for the past decade. He is not allowed to hold the kids according to the Flores Settlement of 1997.

The Flores Settlement Agreement (Flores) imposed several obligations on the immigration authorities, which fall into three broad categories:

The government is required to release children from immigration detention without unnecessary delay to, in order of preference, parents, other adult relatives, or licensed programs willing to accept custody.
If a suitable placement is not immediately available, the government is obligated to place children in the “least restrictive” setting appropriate to their age and any special needs.
The government must implement standards relating to the care and treatment of children in immigration detention.

From your old friend french people, since Trump, we don't recognize United States, have you lost the values that found your nation ? Guns violence ... 'As a father, how I can be afraid of mass shootings in my daughter's College every day' 'At 18, i can by an AR 15 but not drink a beer ... Climate ... Katerina ? ... Immigration ? A real Human crime ... We don't recognize the land of freedom we love ... Make America great again by Protectionnism is an sacrilege for a country that is made with the world diversity ? And Trump image will harm US business ... As we say in France 'You walk on your head' ....

At this point, not even sure if this photo is real or staged and/or on the Obama watch. Irregardless, look to the parents. Any parent who would put their toddler through a dangerous and many times deadly crossing illegally at our borders.... shame on the parent. Asylum seekers can go to any point of entry in the first country they enter and go through the PROCESS to claim asylum. And congress needs to act on this NOW. Build the wall, DACA for 1.8 million (2x as many as the Dems asked for), end chain migration and end the VISA lottery system.

These are the facts about this particular case of asylum seekers that came to The United States over to a port of entry with their children, if we like this or not politically this is what is happening right now but the facts are these... They did not commit a crime get this through your head they came in through a port of entry that is legal, they asked for asylum that is legal, now is up to the court system to grant it or not, until then they have not committed any crime, that’s why everyone is up in arms about the injustice here, understand now? Please educate yourself before commenting, you make all Americans sound like idiots. Educate yourselves about immigration law then comment with knowledge people...

10º"break the law - separated from your family", said a White Trash
How about white trash who breaks the law? Should they be dumped back to their original country? 90% of people in U.S has their own different origins. Say you was born here. That does not make any different, ask your mom, your father, your grandparents, your great great father... where are you from?
And if white trash still believe that they are the only legal American, they should go back to school to learn more about American history.
The language that we are all speaking here is ENGLISH. So you can tell that the foundation of America is IMMIGRANT!
Just because you are here longer does not make you are greater or mean you have more rights than others!