UN report: 'Unprecedented changes' needed to protect Earth from global warming



Yes, just give over your entire way of life to them, and they'll keep the climate in check for you. Or at least feed you horror stories of how bad it WOULD have been had you not become their biatches. Please expect that the connected and the wealthy will be less hampered by any "drastic" changes and will be carved out personal exceptions so they can continue to have their massive mansions with fountains, and jet set around the world in private planes. You rubes, and plebes will have to make due with sky high energy costs, rusted fans to keep you cool in the summer, and just bundle up in your homes during the winter.
Take your religious doomsday crap elsewhere.

And? Where does it prove I'm not a critical thinker? A critical thinker is someone who thinks independently. Does not parrot a talking point but tries to factcheck things. Many people here post far right talking points and they are completely bogus. Those are the ones who lack critical thinking skills. They never do their research but rely solely on rags like FOX or Breitbart. Sorry, but if that is what you call critical thinking, you don't know what critical thinking means. You can't get through university without knowing how to be a critical thinker, and before you say it....I did have Republican Reagan supporting professors.

Just so you know, we are seeing fewer hurricanes/typhoons in the past 5 decades than we have in the previous 5 before that. Wild fires, at least in the US have not increased, but since we do a crappy job of managing our forests, the ones we do have can be much worse because the forests could handle natural low intensity burns. Trees evolved to that end.

Now, since we don't thin our forests and put out every little fire that pops up, there is so much fuel on the forest floor that when a big fire gets rolling, it is so intense that the trees can't live through it.

You should not listen to the talking points and go do some looking for yourself.

As I posted on another channel that had this same report, I am going to advise my kids not to have children. They are 26 and 30. They are going to be dealing with this in 20 years. It would be awful to bring children into a world where there might be problems due to global warming. I am totally convinced. My state experienced record breaking fires last year and this year, of which we've never seen the like, and the weather has been weird. Just different than we are used to. Especially last year and this year. It is very noticeable.

We spend trillions having garbage collected. We spend trillions having our raw sewage piped away. And sorry, pollution cannot be thought of as water in a swimming pool and your analogy is about as ridiculous as can be expected.

Way back in the 1970's, pregnant women and children have been advised NOT to eat much fish from the Great Lakes because of the cumulative effects of pollution that are in the meat of the fish and it's still that way in the form of mercury and other heavy metals.

I dont quite understand how people can call themselves 'conservative' then be so against the principles of conservation. You shouldnt spew BS because Trump goads you to.

Tom, Co2 is plant food. Co2 levels have been significantly higher and that was at a time that the earth had much more biodiversity than now.

AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) or man made global warming is a scam by globalists to transfer as much wealth from wealthy countries and give it to the bureaucrats to waste at their discretion.

The climate has changed for more that 2 billion years and 99.99999999% of the time, man was never here. What they are doing is not science, because they are not using the "Scientific Method" which I was taught 45 years ago in grade school.

If you feel that guilty about mans existence on the earth, go buy an all electric vehicle (which BTW use more fossil fuels than a conventional vehicle) and write a check to the UN for most of what you make.

If that will make you feel better knock your socks off.

Critical thinking: the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

Precisely the opposite of the folks arguing with me. All I get are either personal attacks because they are unable to meet my argument (when someone is losing an argument they resort to personal attacks), or continuous statements with absolutely no proof at all. Just pull out of their a$$ statements. Folks who won't get their news from balanced sources. Folks who fail to fact check what they say. Folks who think balanced sources who say anything negative about Trump automatically means they are far left wing. Absurd!!

So I'm arguing with folks who themselves lack critical thinking skills and they have no understanding that it is I with the skills and they are just regurgitating right wing talking points. That sad thing is, you are in so deep you can't see it, and that is why you can't win an argument with me, and why you are so quick to attack anything I say.

It really is quite a complement how irritating I am to you!! Lol

sure - but let me let the last HEAD of the Obama EPA make it for me

EPA Chief Admits Obama Regs Have No Measurable Climate Impact: ‘One one-hundredth of a degree?’ EPA Chief McCarthy defends regs as ‘enormously beneficial’ – Symbolic impact
Watch Obama EPA chief Gina McCarthy Testify to Congress: 'The value of this rule is not measured in that way.

CHAIRMAN SMITH: “Do you disagree with my one one-hundredth of a degree figure? Do you disagree with the one one-hundredth of a degree?”

ADMINISTRATOR MCCARTHY: “I’m not disagreeing that this action in and of itself will not make all the difference we need to address climate action, but what I’m saying is that if we don’t take action domestically we will never get started and we’ll never…”
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We have not spent trillions on anything. Not yet.

Think of pollution like water in a swimming pool. While you are removing teaspoons of water out of the shallow end, China is pouring thousands of gallons into the deep end. Like giving cash to a homeless alcoholic, you feel good about yourself, and then walk away as he enters the liquor store to ruin his liver and end up in the ER, where your tax dollars pay even more to deal with him.

The rivers in the U.S. are clean, so is the air. The number one pollutant in Los Angeles is smoke from backyard BBQ's.

You don't spend trillions fixing a problem that doesn't exist. If you want to convince China and India and Russia to stop polluting their land and water and air, go for it. They are going to keep doing it for many decades to come. The Paris Accords allowed China to do nothing at all until 2035. They loved that deal. Paris was redistribution of wealth from countries like the U.S. to poor countries.

What do you say to Dr. Judith Curry who testified before congress and stated that if we did everything suggested at the Paris Accords, it would lower temps 3/100ths of one degree by 2100, and no more.

Brilliant scientists are skeptics of the failed climate models and the predictions they come up with. They believe the world will prosper with higher levels of Co2. Crop yields have already been improved and the planet is much greener with slightly higher levels of Co2.

You shouldn't run around like a headless chicken because Al Gore tells you to.


I'll dumb it down for you. You don't reduce pollution by a small fraction in the U.S. while it is growing exponentially in Asia, and think that somehow the net result is improving the world.

We don't have polluted lake or rivers, We don't have polluted air. Co2 isn't raw sewage. Your analogy is about as ridiculous as can be expected. Taxpayers willingly pay to have garbage collected. They don't want to be forced to pay for restrictions on the very automobiles they need to get to work and take their children to school. 99.9% of all vehicles on the road are ICE vehicles. Fossil fuels will be here long after you and I are gone. We are free people and will fight any government attempts to force us to give up something because of politicians who take campaign donations from green energy companies.

If you can make a counter argument, do it. don't tell me I'm spewing BS. Prove it and prove you are not. I did not vote for President Trump and won't miss him when he is gone. I worked for an international conservation corps for years as a supervisor. I know what real conservation looks like and it isn't something Al gore dreamed up to give him validation and virtue he lacked otherwise.