Non-citizens may have been added to voter rolls, (CA) DMV says


Amazing, isn't it? How most of the poverty and homelessness in LA and SF happens to be in California? Brilliant research there. And clearly, California finding, reporting, and deleting improper registration is a secret plan to... to... Hmmm.... Can't think of that one: you'll have to go to breitbart or Fox for that. I'm sure they'll be able to come up with something. Maybe Something related to Hillary's emails?

California has the largest economy in the nation. #20 in unemployment -- much better than red States like Alaska (highest unemployment, West Virginia, etc.

And funny you should mention poverty. 4 of the top 5 poorest states are heavy red states:
Highest level of poverty in the US: Mississippi
#2 New Mexico
#3. Louisiana
#4. Alabama
#5. Kentucky
only New Mexico (with a Rep governor) isn't a Republican bastion.

In fact, the economy of liberal California is so strong, it pays for the food stamps, welfare, and unemployment of those good Republican states.

Liberal California is carrying the weight of Republican deep South.