Band halftime show depicts police at gunpoint, stirs anger


I work with and hang out with many older (60 - 70 year old) African Americans, or - Blacks, if you prefer. These people lived under Jim Crow. They are still alive and kicking today. Don't for A SECOND think that institutionalized racism is a thing of the past. These guys remember their teens through their thirties, forties and fifties, etc. having to deal with - first - legal discrimination, and now - the aftermath of the discrimination that has forced so many in the AA community into second class citizenry in this country. The "whites only" drinking faucets are still prime in their memory. As is red-lining real estate. School funding. Playing catch up for the shit that was thrown at them. Pull you head out. Try to TALK with a Black person. Especially an older Black person. Then picture your grandma being treated this way, and how she'd handle it in the present.

Trump just told the Police Chiefs Association, The Attorney Generals Office will be helping in Chicago starting today, They would like to begin a stop and frisk program much like the one that cleaned up New York. We can throw all the money We have at the black public schools however We can't make the students attend or learn when they do attend. The new generation is 49% Hispanic and they have learned many lessons from their black neighbors. No One I know has the answer, the ACLU among others keep getting in the way as well as Democrats looking for the minority's vote, keep in mind people don't understand what they say, due to educational issues the Democrats have been working on for Fifty Years.

"So, the FACT that Hundreds of students have been arrested for bringing toy guns to school has no meaning to you?"

Well yeah. It means they brought toy guns. NOT ACTUAL GUNS. You STILL can't tell the difference? LOL

"Sorry, I know a lot more about firearms than you probably ever will. I've fired, (and cleaned) well over a thousand different models of guns."

And yet you still think toy guns fall under the category of "gun" rather than "toy". HILARIOUS

"I don't understand why there is even a disagreement here. "

Me neither. Maybe you should educate yourself on the difference between a toy and a gun

And there it is, a left-wing progressive doing what they do best when they have no answers or solutions; refer to those that challenge them as vicious, bloodthirsty racists.

What exactly is an oppressive brutalist crime reduction tactic? A jury trial that looks carefully at the facts and determines a person to be guilty of a violent crime, then a judge sentencing that convicted felon to a term in prison.

I am watching a video of someone on MSNBC who is calling Trump voters Nazis who want a 1000 year Reich. Clearly the man is filled with hatred for the President. But I can see you are his clone, suggesting President Trump is Adolph Hitler. Nothing brings me more pleasure than knowing how much liberals cried in 2016, when Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, but knowing how much they cried this past Saturday would be a close second. I want you to remember this moment, like Dr. Ford remembered her imagined moment; and imagine my laughter, my uproarious laughter.

You must have reading problems. I said Guns are illegal on school grounds - that includes "Fake" guns and "Toy" guns. That's the law in Every state in the US! I find it shocking you'd saying I'd "have to be pretty stupid to assume they are real though." Based on the picture, had I been a cop at that game, one or more of those students may have been Shot! Seriously, there is no way to tell they are not pointing real guns at real cops. As a former LEO, if I see someone point a gun at a cop, they are going to be dead a few seconds later.

It was a Stupid Stunt that should have been stopped long before it ever made it on the field, and when it did, they should have been arrested!

If you looked at FBI crime statistics, you'd conclude (quite accurately) that blacks are disproportionately committing most of the murders in the U.S.

In any population, regardless of racial make-up, the majority of criminals come from the most impoverished class, those who are disenfranchised and dispossessed. Most murders are related to criminal activity.

In Russia, which has very little ethnic diversity, the criminal underclass is ethnically Russian, just as the elite class is ethnically Russian. Same with the extremely homogeneous Japan -- the Yakuza is almost entirely ethnically Japanese.

In America, the criminal underclass is about 39% African-American. In America, the impoverished urban population is...about 39% African-American. Crime statistics do show that African-Americans commit a disproportionate amount of crime based on their population, but that's entirely due to their greater representation in the impoverished underclass. The reason for black poverty are historical and rooted in racism and the oppression of and discrimination against African-Americans.

While I think it's inappropriate to stage this sort of protest during a High School football game, it is their right to do so under the 1st amendment.

I would expect to see all the posts from the conservatives that while they disagree with their protest, they fully support their right to do so? Nope, just a bunch of "patriots" that want to suppress speech they don't like, exactly as they accuse liberals of doing.... but, but this is disrespectful of LE... apparently, unlike the conservatives' expressed opinion that the FBI(which, for trumpeteers' information, is also LE) is a corrupt arm of the "deep state".... I guess rich white complaints are legitimate, and the poor black complaints are paid for by Soros, Russia, China, and the other "deep state" players... or something like that?

" the black communities narrative that police officers, as a whole are out to get them"

That's because, in many ways that was what was literally happening for generations. For people who are still alive. That was the open policy, then it was an unwritten policy. In many area's it's still the policy for police to enforce traffic violations heavily in high crime areas that are mostly black. Like a crime tax through ticketing that often hit people who are victims of this crime that caused the police pretense to begin with. This creates an adversarial relationship. Police vs. Everyone, not just police vs. criminals.

There are bad police officers and good police officers, there are bad PD's and good PD's. Complaining about the bad is not necessarily an attack on the good.

I think people should quit running away from being called racists. People are racist every day, in ways most don't notice. If you move to a new city and ask a realtor to locate a home in a safe neighborhood, they will take you far away from black neighborhoods. If you looked at FBI crime statistics, you'd conclude (quite accurately) that blacks are disproportionately committing most of the murders in the U.S. If you find yourself walking down a street late at night and there is a black man coming towards you on one side of the street and a white man walking towards you on the other side of the street, you might choose to turn around, or you might cross to the side with the white man, only because statistically, it makes you safer. There may come a time when people admit they are racists, and that because they live in a city full of violence, they judge people based on crime statistics and the color of their skin. That is racism that most are guilty of and that is quite understandable, even acceptable.


Just so you know, nobody is really saying life is easy for white people, just that they don't have to overcome hurdles that have been place in front of black people. The idea is to remove those hurdles to begin with, not to move them in-front of white people. Or maybe, it's simply just to acknowledge that hurdles have been place there to begin with.

I don't consider it a privilege to have lived in a country where me, my family, and my ancestors were treated as equal and given opportunity, I just realize that this is how it SHOULD have been for everyone, and wasn't.

Acknowledging history and where you fit in it, is not a burden at all.