Nikki Haley will resign as Trump's UN ambassador at the end of the year


Under the Balfour Declaration by which Israel was created under the British Mandate in Palestine (the British had NO mandate in Palestine and therefore had no right to sequester land to create a new state there), Israel had a mere 6% of the land that it now occupies. Since its inception it has persued an expansionist policy, and Benyamin Netanyahu is on record saying he wished Gaza would “fall into the sea”.

Now, who can’t tolerate the other’s existence? You tread a dangerous path when you take state actors’ word for everything, just because they have the more slick media machine. I had always thought Americans tended to root for the underdog. Maybe that was Americans of a different generation. Now, you all seem eager to bring on a new era of fascism, and one of fascism’s defining characteristics is popular anger and stupidity. Take a good look at yourself.