Tom Stiglich - Tuesday, October 9, 2018


I will not run away merely because of a deliberately used word, "their." That's right -- because I have no hatred, -- I deliberately used the word "their" to describe the true origin of the hatred, which is democrats and liberals. Democrats and liberals who hate our Constitutional Republic, and wish to place us all beneath a liberal oligarchy or liberal dictatorship.

I figured that you would mischaracterize the post, and you did!! So the joke is on you!! For every story about supposed conservative hatred, there are dozens of stories describing liberal hatred.

And, of course, YOU lied about the true meaning of the cartoon anyway. The image shows a little democrat donkey using a megaphone to shout the democrat party's platform (which is clearly labeled as hatred.)

But go ahead and continue your false narrative and rant. It shows how vacuous you lefties are.

"You made the assertion that it puts democrats above their hatred"

Did not.

Read again. Where did I write "their hatred"?

I did not.

You just constructed a straw man, your opinion is based on false allegations against me. Seems like a hate-driven action.

Burden of proof lies on ANYBODY who makes an assertion, when challenged.

You didn't challenge me before, but now that you want proof, I'll gladly provide it.

Imagem rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://image.shutterstock" target="_blank">https://image.shutterstock" alt="Imagem" height="42%" width="42%">....

As you can see, the position of the cat is labelled as "above". The cartoon figure in the illustration in the OP is in the same relative position to the word "hatred" as the cat is to the table. Hence, the cartoon says "Democrats (symbolized by donkey) are ABOVE hatred".

I rest my case.

Now you make yours or run away.

" The cartoon is clearly showing the hatred of the democrat party."
Common sense fallacy. You prove nothing, you just keep repeating the original contention with the added word "clearly". That's no proof, that's laughable kiddie argumentation.
Now you say Republicans do hate, but you claimed the hatred came all from democrats, and Republican hatred was only alleged hatred. You keep contradicting yourself.

You have also not shown a single thread of proof that I hate anybody. What if I tell you I'm a Republican? Republicans are incapable of hatred, remember? So, how can you now claim you don't care which party I belong to?
Your arguments make no sense at all. Very amusing. Are all people you know to be Republicans that funny to watch?

Yes, what you and your fellow partisans have is a huge failure.