Liberal billionaires pour hundreds of millions into midterms hoping for Blue Wave


That's nonesense.
American corporations in the late 1970s and 1980s with Reagan began movie out in earnest. Corporations like WallMart formed moved from town to town draining them dry and sending town equity back to Arkansas.
Cheap labor was the lure, and Corporations with no loyalty except to stockholder left, set up overseas, then sold products workers used to make, a few dollars cheaper.
Then Reagan used the power of the most powerful government on earth to break air traffic controllers strike.
But even that is an oversimplification.
The rest of the world recovered from WW2. THEY benefitted from economic of scale anf America's management complacency being so long, the only game in town.
And UNION MEMBERS.... THEY forgot who they were and began thinking they were Republicans. They kind of liked the white part of white nationalist, and the GOP was more than happy to stick it up their ass.
Point is thats still a partial list. Clinton...just a part.

That is a terrible ruling. And it is far from " founding principles"
The Entity is a fiction. It insulates equity owners BECAUSE IT IS NOT THEIR ALTER EGO.
This has always seemed to run the risk of going to far in terms of alter ego and ultimately exposing owners personally.
In terms of founding principles, I say this. Our nation came into being as a Rebel against a giant Corporation. A Corporation chartered to tax and raise military. The British East Indies Corp.
Our founders would roll in their graves if they tried to imagine such entities endowed with" person " status under our Constitution.