I Was A Never Trumper Until Democrats Went Gonzo On Kavanaugh. Now, Hand Me That Red Hat



Uhmmm, the article was from The Federalist. I'm sure the person was going to vote for a Democrat in the next election and it was just Kavanaugh that threw him into the Republican category. Please...

As an aside, I went back and looked at the author's previous articles - since he's stating it's Brett Kavanaugh's (the attempted rapist) horrible treatment by those big bad Democrats that upset him enough to actually vote. Well, boo hoo for the little snowflake, but lest you think this Federalist some type of moderate, here's the title of an article he wrote back in early 2017 shortly after Trump was inaugurated:

Hysteria Over ‘Transracialism’ Article Outs The New Left As Witch Hunters

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Can't happen ...as we See with Ellison - the MSM and dems will not do a damn thing

“Keith Ellison domestic violence accuser says Democratic party doesn't believe her story
Monahan slammed the Democratic Party for its response to her
allegations when compared to its treatment of Christine Blasey Ford.
Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempting to
force himself onto her during at a high school party nearly four decades
ago, prompting prominent Democrats to get behind Ford’s allegations.

“I've been smeared,threatened, isolated from my own party. I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing and healing from the abuse.”
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There is no "card" to play. They played the "no hearing" card so please. If the right wing wants to play games, let's go. First, you people need to get your facts straight. There was no allegation of rape from Dr. Ford. She claimed an assault took place. Why do you people need to lie if what you claim is true?

This clown kavanaugh did it and the white house and majority in the senate didn't want the FBI anywhere near this thing. With well over 50 tips from people who supported Dr. Ford and were ignored, give me a break.

YUP - Just ask ol Keith Ellison, and the MSM and Party covering it up..OH WAIT thats Democrats.....

"Amid the explosive allegations of domestic abuse against Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., made by the son of a former girlfriend, Karen Monahan, who has since backed up the accusation, there’s a report of a second woman claiming Ellison was abusive. And there’s a 911 call that appears to support the second claim. Amy Alexander claimed that Ellison had abused her during a 2005 relationship in a 2006 article published in The Wright County Republican and blogger Laura Loomer uncovered documentation of a 911 call.
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ONLY QUESTION is why is THIS not a story - like we don't know
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Run and hide? Hardly. Put up or shut up means prove your point or shut up. You did neither. Already been convicted? Of a crime? That’s the wrong terminology. In his housing case he admitted no wrongdoing. The Trump University issue was a settlement. So what exactly was he convicted of?

Who are “you people”? I haven’t known you for decades so I have no idea why you’re taking your rage out on me. Is there something wrong with you? Why don’t YOU FO and try staying on topic and quit using your rage as a way to avoid the issue.

You think Trump has done so much wrong that that means the laws on the books shouln’t be enforced? So sorry enforcing the laws on the books bothers you sooooooo much. My heart just breaks for you. How will you go on?

that door is supposedly what led her and her husband to couple's therapy. he didn't want it because it was ugly, but she insisted. she then broke down and told the story of her "rape" to the therapist and her husband. that's her story.

however, building permits show the door was added in 2008 so they could rent the room out. so...why were her and her husband in couple's therapy in the first place?

the therapist notes are the crux of her argument about how she told people before now. it's also suspicious that she, the victim, is withholding evidence to her own claim. what is in those therapy notes that would cause her to withhold her own evidence and lie to congress about why they were there?

Trump, Citizen, Candidate, now President Trump is not afraid to call it as he see it. Right or wrong, he finds it, he exploits it, it is what he sees and believes. Thing is, for better or worse, that does get respect when you call it as you see it and stand by it until believable contradictory evidence, or you have accomplished the goal. Like Calling out Little fat rocket man. Now it is Look what I have done and he does NOT put the guy down.
Now compere that To what they did to Judge K. Trump would have NEVER gotten into his kids face and told them that your dad is a rapist. And that is what the Democrats DID! And why did they do this? Evidence? no, just a last minute hail marry of personal destruction for they could not tear down the guy based on merit. And if they will use a broken lady like Ford, If this happened to her or not, she could not prove a thing, but if it did happen Judge K could not have been the guy, so if they are willing to use this Women/ victim as a weapon to smear and destroy a Innocent man, a good, man, then what is to stop them from coming after YOU next? Trump is about lifting people up, and if you fail, you failed on your own terms. The Democrats, why you can only succeed if we what you to.

wow, you have NO BASES for that remark, NONE but what the Democrat party has told you to hate. How does it feel to be a puppet of such hate toward a man you do not know? I mean really? "he should have thought of that before he started?" Started WHAT? WHAT did he start? The man was nominated for the highest court in the land, something few achieve. he did it, he EARNED it by living a just and good life of hard work and sacrifice. But President Trump nominated him and the Democrats at all cost could not have that, so at the last minute, for they could not find any fault in the guys merit, boom a so called "victim" comes forward with a story that can not be verified by her nor the 3 other or 6 others she named. And YOU think it is justified to yell in the face of the guys two small girls YOUR DAD IS A RAPIST and well, no big, ruin his life, scare his kids, he should not have done what this women alleged he did 36 YEARS AGO? You are sick

You shut up. You run and hide every time I rip you to shreds. Let's see what happens with the asshole trump family fleecing the "good people" who contributed to their laughable "charity." He's already been convicted and paid so many civil penalties (like trump university and the housing discrimination cases).

If that asshole trump can not be indicted while a sitting president or whatever the republican assholes try to erect as barriers can make this a non-issue.

You people have run your mouths for decades about the "crimes" the clintons have allegedly committed. The fact that they haven't been indicted, tried or convicted of anything doesn't stop your sorry asses from trying. No difference here.

If you can't compete and be civil and need "shut up" in your posts, FO and go somewhere else. It's what you usually do anyway.


To begin with:

The presumption of innocence is required by law in all the proceedings of any type carried out by the government against a person - from their initiation until they are ended.

Under American law, a person accused of a crime is never compelled to give evidence against himself.

Every person accused of a crime is entitled by law to a mode of procedure capable of securing his immunity against the prying eyes of the government and his protection in person, property and papers against even the process of the law.

Proceedings relating to allegations of a criminal nature are never to be inquisitorial.

The statute of limitations for attempted rape at the time of the alleged event was one year. Such laws clearly establish that after that period of inactivity the party in question has no rights to apply for redress.