2-year-old shot to death in Chicago becomes city's youngest victim of gun violence this year: Police



I would make Trump look liberal. I would get somebody tough as the AG and de-liberalize the system; no more life sentences for anyone...they become executions, for killers and all sex offenders, severe prison time for all other crimes and make believers out of people. Prison would once again become prison...no "programs", school, college, TV or any other of the bleeding heart liberal nonsense that does nothing but throw away taxpayer money. Any states that wouldn't comply with these standards would lose Federal funding and be left on their own to pay for it all. IF there was any liberal interference.....Martial Law to regain control and restore order.

There are so many things that can and should be done. I think Trump is already going in this direction though. It looks promising.
I would also order ALL law enforcement to get rid of tasers, bean bags and the rest of the liberal nonsense.
Just for starts!