Trump calls Democrats 'anti-police,' says GOP represents 'rule of law'


The Illinois Way — tax, borrow, spend — seems to be losing its appeal. The Democrat-controlled Chicago City Council and Illinois General Assembly are struggling to rally support for their so-called progressive agendas. Even proposals that would tax the rich are flopping, despite the blockbuster success of class warfare politics practiced by Democratic candidates for president Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

City and state cannot tax their way out of debt or into prosperity. The temporary state income tax hike of 2011 took an extra $31 billion out of taxpayers' pockets but — despite Democrats' forceful promises — did little to change the debt-driven trajectory of state government. Taxpayers are still paying a rate of 3.75 percent, a rate one-quarter higher than before the hike. It has made no difference. Illinois' unpaid bill pile grows every day.
Chicago taxpayers will see a spike in this summer's property tax bills, thanks to Emanuel and the council approving the largest property tax hike in the city's history last fall — $755 million in new taxes and fees. Yet the city still will be awash in pension liabilities and other debts.
CPS will raise its property tax levy to the maximum allowed, and it's not enough.
All of this comes in addition to a new study confirming that Illinoisans pay the highest median property tax rate in the country. California-based analytics company CoreLogic reviewed real estate taxes nationwide. The study found that an Illinois property owner with a home valued at $200,000 will, on average, pay $2,720 more in property taxes annually than the national average.

Oh — and have you heard that, with an assist from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and her board's Democrats, Chicago's sales tax is now the nation's highest? Lots of consumers who shop elsewhere can tell you all about it.

Just so you are aware...the feds showed up first with their small army of 200+ federal agents to take Bundy's property. Gosh... I wonder what would happen if the Feds showed up at Warren Buffet's house...who owes a BILLION dollars in back seize his belongings.

But you leftists thinks it's not "too much" to do this to a rancher in the middle of nowhere who had grazing rights to that land for over 100+ years.

It is clear that the leftists have ZERO common sense...and are all for bigger intrusive Orwellian government going after citizens....when it's a simple rancher.... But Billionaire Warren Buffet...he gets to keep ripping off America by refusing to pay his fair share of taxes... and that's fine with you leftists...

SMH.... and you wonder why America hates democrats????

So the Dems are anti-police.. and Donnie and the Trumpublican Trumplicants represent the rule of law?

"...politicians escalate political attacks on our courageous police officers..." says our President.
Is that so? Does big Donnie T know that the FBI are also LE? He repeatedly calls them corrupt witch hunters....sounds like he's opposed to them... at least to the degree that Dems are opposed to LE abusing their power, which is "anti-police" by their own definition.

He then followed up with: "Politicians who spread this dangerous anti-police sentiment make life easier for criminals and more dangerous for law-abiding citizens, and they also make it more dangerous for police, and it must stop, and it must stop now." Is it that he doesn't think of himself as a politician and can therefor smear any agency that doesn't cater to his brand of corruption? or is he just counting on the people he loves("I love the poorly educated.”)not seeing the contradiction?

Consistency isn't his strong suit, unless you're talking about how he consistently thinks only of himself, or how he wants to date his own daughter...well one of them, at least.

Please...BOTH sides are only in it for themselves, make laws that WE are responsible for following (not they), and simply don't give two ***** about any of us "common" folk anymore. Not for a long time, not in the immediate future.

Hate groups on both sides keep the division growing - the division that was started a long time ago but a government that didn't care then...and doesn't care now.

A nation - a people - divided are easier to control. Playing neighbors against one another, the government slowly steps in and, piece by piece, begin to strip more and more away from us, in the name of "security" and "equality" and "equity".

BOTH sides are anti-police, except for those forces THEY put into place to control us. That's not local law enforcement, that's not military. That's something scarier altogether.

Says who?
Your right a president isn't required but it's highly unusual, every president has for the last 40 years. Who said that Mueller was picking & choosing?
Oh that's right Trump's accountant "Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, whose relationship with Trump dates back decades, is also the treasurer of Trump’s charity, helped prepared Trump’s tax returns and is the only non-family member to serve as trustee of the trust that holds the President’s interest in his own companies". Gee where have I heard that name? Oh that's right he got a immunity deal with Mueller.
Yep Trump just keeps picking those such smart people. /s

True, but every president has had no problem showing the American people they are honest concerning taxes. I question the finances due to 6 bankruptcies and his father bailing him out several times due to his mismanagement. Then Trump went to a bank owned by a Russian Oligarchic that has been fined for money laundering, to secure financing because US banks would not finance any of his projects. Yes, I would want his tax returns released. I think Congress should put in place a law that anyone elected President will have to release their tax returns to insure they aren't crooks or being blackmailed.

"Meanwhile during your "probable cause" the office gets killed. "

First, this comment makes no rational sense...if the officer has no probable cause to stop and frisk someone, then those officers shouldn't be interacting with those citizens in the first place, as they've committed no crime and aren't suspected of committing a crime.

Second, I hope you're not suggesting that we should toss probable cause out the window because some officers *might* get shot in the line of duty...right?

"I know the lamestream media doesn't like to report all the cops getting killed, but believe it or not, that happens."

I'd suggest you go read some stats on law enforcement deaths...they aren't as high as you think, and the majority of them do NOT involve shootouts with violent criminals.

You're talking about the FAR left. This is like saying that all Republicans are racists because the far right are white supremacists and xenophobes. Don't paint with a broad brush here, it dumbs down the conversation.

Most liberals I know support police but expect them to follow the rules and to be held to a high standard. When they don't, there needs to be consequences. It also hasn't been Democrats openly being disrespectful to our National law enforcement and intelligence agencies for the past several months, has it? Or is your support of law enforcement as selective as the Trumpers support of morality?

Obama started dividing this country with his comments about Travon Martin, Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, etc.... Hillary followed his lead and continued this during her run for president. Both said many times, "this has got to stop" and usually only hours after the news reported it. They shoot from the hip and rush to judgment before ANY FACTS come out. But then that's what they want, to incite violence and outrage. The damage is done. Meanwhile the state and local police, many under a black or democratic police chief and/or mayor investigate. The feds send in the FBI under a democratic president who is also black. And after the FACTS come out and a jury rules, almost ever single one is justified. One can only conclude from this, that Obama, his FBI, the federal government under a democratic president, and the whole country is racist. OR the facts under our judicial system, although not perfect, works.


No, in that situation, you call the police, they come over and take a report
you give the report to your insurance guy, and, depending on what coverage you have. take it in the ass or have every thing replaced.
AFTER you pay that MF Deductible that you can not afford because you opted to have a high deductible so you could afford the insurance.
thats that
You walk in your house and catch the sob in the middle of stealing your stuff.
You pull your carry piece and start your own damn version of Shoot out at the OK Corral

Or, their are those that would hide in their closet safe space while their daughter is raped
over and over because they are scared little biat----ches and think guns are for puss------ies.To weak to stand up to a pink poodle much less a man.