DUDE! CNN host totally gets TRIGGERED when conservative guest uses the “M” word on-air!



Protesting is one thing, taking it a bit far is another. Ruining a guys life of service and hard work on the accusations of a female 36 years prior is wrong. Accusations are NOT evidence, yet the Democrats used a so called victim as a weapon, for they could NOT lay a glove on the guy in the hearings about his merits and qualifications. So Bring out the hail marry. As if a coordinated, some paid, interruptions were not enough, let us take it up another notch and scream in the face of his little daughters and tell his wife, your dad, your husband is a drunken rapist for this lady, who remembers nothing, says he tried to feel her up at a party..30+ years ago... Oh and he likes beer and in a yearbook talked about farting... but he is disqualified in our eyes for he IS A RAPIST!!!! AHHHHHHHH

When I hear mob, I imagine it is a large group of people acting uncivil. And that's what it was in the restaurant. It wasn't 1, 2, 3, or even 4 people as you tried arguing earlier. It was at least 10 just in the video. Not sure why you're getting so upset at the usage of the word when all you can do is argue over the NUMBER of people (which you got wrong). You seem to fail at understanding that the term mob was used more to describe how theybehaved. And even you didn't approve of what they did.

Can anyone with less than 30 IQ join this support group ? Do you people " get your rocks off " bashing your fellow Americans ?
As a Canadian, I find it very funny that this bashing of your fellow citizens gets carried out every day.
Please keep it up !! It's very entertaining to see you fighting daily with your fellow Americans yet no one winning. Trump has done a wonderful job dividing and lessenning your countries position in the world, to the point everyone is laughing uncontrollably at the Jackass.

The rest of the world is leaving you behind, like quarelling children. Love It !! thank you !! keep up the good work !!