VIDEO: Ben Shapiro destroys abortion lobby’s euphemisms


“A fetus has no experiences so its ok to dehumanize and end it’s life”

I’ve never heard that one before.

Also, during pregnancy, the child is often awake and moving at night, and sleeps during the day.

Guess what? Every time you go to sleep, you enter a dreamlike state, and you are unaware.

Same with a coma, or if you have major surgery and they induce sleep.

Apparently, you’re ok if someone kills you in that condition.

Sorry, but there is no logical, sound argument you can make, that justifies abortion, because it requires you to refute the right to life of another human, which is an internationally recognized human right recognized in the US founding documents.

"Curious how you continue to claim that the contents of a pregnant woman's womb is not alive,"

Easy, I don't claim it isn't alive.

You can continue to vomit your science denial drivel to the end of time, won't make it true. I completely agree with science.

Why can't you just accept that abortion is terminating the further development of a human life form from it's potentiality as a living, breathing, conscious person. I can. I don't get all wrapped up that some 12 week old fetus being aborted could potentially make it through the pregnancy and the trauma of birth to potentially be named charlie and could potentially become a doctor that potentially cures cancer. All that is just irrational shit.

These were civil laws for bronze age ex-slaves, not eternal truth. But speaking of slaves:

“When a man strikes his slave, male or female, with a rod and the slave dies under his hand, he shall be avenged. But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be avenged, for the slave is his money.
Exodus 21:20-21

So under those same bronze age civil laws, killing a slave (if they didn't die immediately) was just a monetary loss as well.

The rest of what you quoted wasn't condoning the killing of children, but merely the unpleasant consequences of bad behavior.

"It's not safe for the one being aborted though." Empty Nothing, how appropriate for just this moment.

I've experienced women who discover they are pregnant by only a couple of weeks and begin immediately referring to that pregnancy by name, Emily for instance. I get that. In their minds they are imagining at the end of the pregnancy a child that laughs and cries and wears dresses and ribbons in her hair. None of it of course is actually real, but only what is a potentiality.

There is no "the one" in this equation with the decision to abort, most especially in the early stages of development.

The one, only comes from a place in the imagination as it sees the potentiality become an actuality.

And let's just completely ignore reason and say there is a one. It hasn't achieved consciousness to be self aware of its own existence for us to fret over what it might think. It's completely irrational, your comment.

No, that's medical waste. What's offensive to human dignity is you pretending that medical waste is a person.

See, to people like you, all a human is crude physical matter. It's DNA, blood and sinew. You care nothing about the human spirit, only the human body. To you, a person with no capacity for thought, no brain, kept alive only by external means, is a "human being." It trivializes humanity, and reduces us to no more than animals.

You can post your sick, disgusting and shocking photos of medical waste, but all you are doing is showing that you don't actually give a shit about the ONE THING that makes humanity special, the ONE THING that elevates us above mere animals: our minds.

Typical of right wingers, since you're all brain dead. How can people without a serious thought in their skull, people with no appreciation for life, for art, for history, for science, truly be expected to value and cherish life? You all waste yours, living in fear and hate and small-mindedness. It's pathetic.

Nope, It is you who are dehumanizing, advocating enslavement, and granting the body of real people to be violated and damaged for the usage of "another". No one (and no "one"*) has a "right" to the body of another. This includes real thinking suffering people, as well as any fool definition you use for "someone", including single cells more likely to become tampon waste than to map creation of a person.

There is no legal, constitutional, logical or moral justification for either your intent to grant to unfeeling, never cognizant, and life incompetent cells, "rights" that no thinking feeling person has, or to deny their humanity and to abrogate the human rights of women.

No, no one ever disputed that the independently living beings, the Jews, could feel, or that they were aware. You are making false statement, and erroneous attempts at comparison, to support your own agenda that is identical to the laws of the Na zis. They also criminalized abortion, vilified and prosecuted women who had abortions, and executed doctors who provided abortions to women, just as is your goal. These Germans were "good Christians", just like the forced birthers in the US today.

Just as then, we have evil people arguing for the enslavement, objectification, forced usage, and injury to real people for the sake of a party agenda if those who idolize potential over people.

Most of us are indeed moral, and reject those fascists of them and now, who would abrogate the human rights of people in service to birth worship fantasies. That evil, just as it was then, is in the hearts of the fascist conservatives who have no regard for humanity, but instead lust for control of others and power.

" I believe this is what weakens your argument." You believe, I'm sure you do. lol

"The child is real, living organism, nothing about the birthing process changes anything about that." Well, probably a bit premature to call it a child, especially depending on the stage and of course if it is wanted or not. But to your point, that it is a living organism does not change through the birthing process, this is true. And also not at issue, not one I've ever made.

What seems to be at issue is what is different from the unborn and born. In as much that we would rob a born persons freedom and liberty of their own most precious of gifts, their own lives and body.

Since the unborn are not born and do not possess the consciousness of being, that of self awareness of their own existence I would tend to lean toward the born trumping the unborn.

But most particular, such a decision is not for the government to decide, not for us to decide but only for the one who has the condition.

God creates all life.

Job 31:15 Did not he who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same one form us both within our mothers?

Our lives begin at conception. Those who destroy innocent lives will be held accountable. Those unborn have souls and at the moment they are murdered, those souls go to be with the Lord. One day, we all will face judgement. Those taking the lives of the innocent defenseless unborn, will be judged for their actions. Their place for eternity is in the balance.

Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;

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I have one and only one criteria for abortion - is an unborn baby human? It has nothing to do with religion - heck, my wife is fairly non-religious and she is more anti-abortion than I am.

If an unborn baby is human, killing it is homicide. Period. Sometimes homicide is justifiable - I get that. However, homicide for convenience should never be an option.

If I can be convinced that an unborn baby isn't human, I literally have no problem with abortion. Because it has NOTHING to do with controlling women or their bodies. I don't give a flying flip what people do with their bodies - it isn't my business. But if what they do with their bodies affects someone else (in this case a baby) then it damn well is our business.

Arguments that "women will do it anyway" is irrelevant to me. Which is why I mentioned homicide. Laws against murder don't "prevent" murder. If they did there wouldn't be murders practically every day, just in Chicago. Our laws should be based on what is right and just, not based on "well they're just going to do it anyway." That argument is specious.