Professor sues Ohio university over transgender pronoun policy


Pronouns are a human creation. Sex is male or female while the reality of gender identity isn't quite that simple. Your "truth" is not someone else's "truth". You have the right to fervently believe in God, but I have the right to not believe in God. That doesn't mean you get to assert your beliefs onto me.

Same thing with a gender pronoun. You're entitled to think whatever you want to...yey America, but if someone you work with or a member of your family asks to be identified in a certain way, just don't be a selfish dick and do as they ask. It's not that difficult. Everything is not about you.

No. I think it is wrong to force people to use invented words. Language evolves, but it cannot be forced. The English language just so happens to use the male pronouns as the gender-neutral pronouns. Other languages have separate gender-neutral pronouns, but ours does not. So we use what we have. That is the language. I do think, however, that it is 100% correct to force people to use people's preferred pronouns. I have no problem with mistaken misgendering, but when someone asks you to use a specific pronoun for them and your refuse then YOU are the blight on society and should be fired, removed, excused, whatever.

If you are born with a penis, you are a 'he', if you are born with a vagina, you are a 'she' and that's that. There is an extremely small percentage in the population that are born with both, but that is NOT a third sex, it is a combination of THE ONLY two existing sexes. No amount of surgery and hormonal treatment will change the sex that is in your DNA. There is no such thing as 'being born in the wrong body'. There is NO wrong body. These people need proper psychiatric treatment and help and an adequate analysis and addressing of their familial and social issues, and all that to their own good and NOT before they have completed their natural growth. Humankind has gone utterly INSANE!

He should win. But i loath religious exceptions. His religion shouldn't matter. Nobody should be able to force you to use certain words. While a transgender person has every right to choose their own name (everyone does) they do not have the right to say how I use the word He and She.

If I use the word He to refer to biological males, and She to refer to biological females, that is MY choice, not someone else's. The pronouns were originally created to refer to biological sex, not gender. The concept of gender did not exist when the pronouns were created. You can not suddenly say now that it is wrong to use the pronouns to refer to sex rather than gender.

“Tolerance is a two-way street,” ---“Universities are meant to be a marketplace of ideas, not an assembly line for one type of thought.
Neither is anyone harmed by Christian theology. Hate and intolerance is what breeds harm no matter who is spreading it. Secularism allows room for intolerance when it denies the possibility of theology. The only thing theology objects to is the physical attacks of non believers.
Christians are Christians because they follow the lead of Christ. That includes speaking His Word to others. We do not even expect you to accept our word, we only plant seeds for your consideration. God makes them grow if you allow.

It is ALWAYS the responsibility of the individual to not be offended. When you realize that a person who is criticized has control over whether or not they are offended, then you'll understand. Offense is not something you get from someone else. It's something you feel yourself. It's internal. And if it's internal, you have the ability to control it, even if what is said to you is rude, obnoxious, hateful or bigoted. It doesn't matter what ANYBODY says, somebody will find reason to take offense at it. So it's unreasonable to try and police language, especially if you live in a country with a right to free speech. If you don't want to be offended by something, don't be offended by it. In the vast majority of cases, speech does not cause offense. Offense is taken at speech. And the distinction is important, because it denotes the real source of the offense as one's self, not an outside party.

So was yours, but here we are. She talks like a modern xtian, not a snake handler or Flintstone type, so why are you questioning her? I've seen this holier then thou one upmanship contests on here before so my meme to you was relavent. Who are you to judge the devotion of others? Are you a teacher of religions or a clergyman? Seems you are the one going off topic to change the argument from what is expected in business to how religious are you. BTW the way it's up to the company to decide what is an HR problem and what isn't as long as it dosen't break any laws. You give up your 1st A rights when you sign on as their employee while on their time, or connecting then to your opinions, like on FB.

I don't see how referring to her as Alena, a name I see as clearly female, and not calling her "he/him/Mr." is de-legitimizing anything or anyone. At that point stomping your feet and insisting "don't use my proper name, call me "SHE" right now...SAY IT...SAY 'SHE SHE SHE HER HER HER MS MS MS' or I'm complaining to the university that you won't say what I want you to say" doesn't seem to be anything other than a temper tantrum. And I am personally 100% fine with using preferred pronouns to refer to an individual, so this isn't coming from any personal objection or really does seem to be about whether the professor can be compelled to use a word or words he can avoid using while still accomplishing the stated request...Don't call me he/him/Mr.

First, there is a difference between random encounters with strangers and an ongoing relationship with an authority figure like a teacher. I don't think expecting people who know you and know you are trans to use your preferred gender pronoun is "imposing" anything on them.

I'm a cisgender man. If a teacher started referring to me as "Miss Harlequin," I'd be annoyed by that, and if they knew I was a cisgender man and insisted on using feminine pronouns for me, I'd feel like they were deliberately insulting me. I don't think asking them to show me some basic civility and respect is "imposing" anything on me.

Otherwise, where does that end? What if a professor decide to call a student a "stupid f*ck?" What if every time they raised their hand, the professor was like "Yes, stupid f*ck, you have a question?" If the student complained, would they be "imposing" something on the professor? Violating his freedom of speech?

Second, "Majesty" is not a pronoun. It's a title. So that's a false equivalence.


Forcing a professor to use a pronoun is the same as forcing someone to bark like a dog. Neither want to do either, and neither party has the right to force anyone to do anything, nor should the state require such force on anyone. The ridiculousness of the original complaint supported by someone who doesn’t understand basic law of a free country deserved that analogy. You should be ashamed of your obvious partisanship and willingness to grasp at straws to censor my voice.

I could have used a closer analogy like if the teacher demanded that the students call him ‘your magesty’ because that’s how he identified himself, and a student declined, then he should be able to get the student expelled for disrespecting his personal orientation. But I thought the first analogy was funnier.