Michigan Reporter Caught On Tape Saying ‘F**k Could You Imagine John James Winning’



When honesty becomes a flaw rather than virtue in a society, said "society" is well on it's way to collapse.
When people expressing their own personal opinions are seen as a negative best kept silent, then freedom of speech already has one leg in the grave.
We might as well, simply accept Orwell's 1984 as the new normal.
Most Americans appear to support such restrictions as it is.
Gotta ask yourself...do you support freedom of speech or would you rather have people's opinions thwarted, silenced and only acceptable if they never question authority and an illusive freedom such as the NWO might approve in this particular socialist paradigm.
Perhaps it's time for people to choose rather than to give their knee jerk reactions toward hearing what they may not agree with and demonizing those that speak it.
It would go a long way towards being an independent contributor to the world collective, so much more than joining the elements that are destroying it.