Even the FBI Thinks Police Have Links to White Supremacists — but Don’t Tell the New York Times



i was born and raised in Detroit, back during the 1960's and 1970's, as a white kid. I played on many baseball teams where i was one of just a handful of white kids. I worked in downtown Detroit as well.

Every large city attracts crime because that's where the money is and more opportunity for those bent on crime, as well as for those whom arent.

Given the fact that for decades black people were denied access to jobs, banking, housing and other things white people take for granted, it's not surprising that some of them arent so enamored with the way whitey does things, nor trusts them.

Many North American Indians dont trust white people either.

Ok, Boss.

I just read the entire article, and nowhere in the article is there any info that states what percentage of police officers in the US are white supremacists, or even an estimate of what percentage might be white supremacists .

So it's fairly easy to reach the conclusion that the number is very small, or the author would have included that information in her article.

Regardless of their skin coloration, the vast majority of adults in this country just go to work every day and try to earn a living. You don't need anyone to write an article to know that as fact. So this is just incendiary bullshit that does nothing positive.