Dallas jail guards ordered transgender woman to show her genitals, suit claims



They probably could have had a nurse or emt do the confirmation. Jails often do strip seraches and even body cavity searches to make sure that arrested individuals aren't hiding weapons or drugs.
Outside of that, the dude probably shouldn't have been carrying a weapon in their purse. I advise against it because, like in this case you can forget it is in there, and more importantly if a purse snatcher snags your purse they also have your firearm. People who carry should be mindful, lest they end up like federal agents and leaving their sidearm in the public toilet.

So what's the solution? Unisex gaols? ... just so that they don't have to show their privates? I can hear the Democrats lobbying for that already.

Then we'll have women raped in jails. Then unwanted babies and so the Democrat lunacy just keeps on keeping on.

Our choices in life determine how we end up. Make the choice to be a trannie then pay for the consequences. We can't hold the whole jail system to ransom, due to our own personal choices. The wider public didn't choose this. The trannies did. Expect what is necessary.

Even if we were so daft as to think Transgender jails might fix the problem - yet another stupid and unnecessary expense burdening the public purse - it wouldn't. We would still have to identify them as either genuine male or females to separate them even then. What a mess.