How Far Have the Democrats Moved to the Left?


(from the link)

"With Democratic enthusiasm at high levels this year, there’s a heated debate about what’s motivating voters. The Harvard political scientist Theda Skocpol recently told The Washington Post that members of the anti-Trump resistance “are going to revitalize the roots of the Democratic Party, and they are going to feminize it, but they are not going to turn into Bernie Sanders.” Time’s Charlotte Alter found much the same dynamic. “It’s not that the Democrats are being pulled left. It’s more that Democrats are being pulled local,” she reported. “And while ideas like ‘Medicare for All’ and ‘Abolish ICE’ have spread far beyond the party’s left flank, the anti-Trump resistance movement is ultimately more results-driven than ideological.”"

(So it is not that the Democratic Party is going more to the left, they just really hate the Divider In Chief and anyone associated with him)