Majority Of Women Think Democrats Weren’t Actually Concerned About Sex Assault Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh


hmm wait was it this part?

NPR's Leila Fadel reports that organizers are trying to avoid potential pitfalls from last year, when hundreds of thousands of people descended on Washington, D.C., in one of the largest demonstrations in U.S. history.

"One of the big criticisms was the march in D.C. was mostly white, liberal women," Leila says. "This year, organizers say they are reaching out to local partners after a year of grass-roots work to try to access a cross section of America, from minorities to the disenfranchised to women in low-income communities."

noo.... cause that would just mean the organizers are admitting that they are both bias and purposely targeting minorities to be a political weapon against President Trump and conservatives.

Without evidence I can certainly ascertain that.
This is your statement prior to me saying that:
That's because all the pro life people did was yell at us from bull horns telling us we were going to hell! They were NOT turned away. Whoever told you that was lying to you. You right folks believe anything you're told don't you?
However the organizers of the Women's March did not intend for the even to involve Pro-Life advocates. Many reports were given that pre-made signs were given out to attendees of the march so there was no confusion as to what the message was.

I probably don’t have one? What type of comment is that? Oh, you’re suggesting I am a bot. Bots don’t generally tell you that their profile is public and that their opinions vary widely from the norm.

Personally I favor mixed government, because when they can’t just ram shit through it gives us time to adjust to legislation etc. I mean I would favor a truly libertarian government more, but I can’t see that happening anytime soon. I seldom vote for major party candidates.

But I can’t see the senate going to the democrats with the current map, if it does then it would be a major statement to trump that he has to triangulate and moderate. I don’t know if he’s capable of that or not.

No I called you a liar because you made claims that they were out there bull-horning. You may have encountered one. However when in fact many were told they were not welcome and the events coordinators had pre-made signs handed out that countered what the pro-life women stood for. The fact is that there is a split among women 50 / 50 for pro-life and pro-choice in this country. If you were there you should be able to tell me if you thought the attendees there represented that or if it complimented even near that. If it did then I would certainly would be happy to apologize. However my issue is with what others have stated, where they were told they couldn't have their signs there, and with the statements given by the Women's March organizers.