NC voters approve voter ID amendment


Point received, and I understand where you're coming from. But getting registered to vote and actually voting are disparate enough that there MUST be discrete requirements to ensure the validity of each.

I'm not against the state mailing out taxpayer-funded photo IDs for every eligible voter, or some similar arrangement to reduce burden on those who can't afford it, can't drive to a state-owned entity for a photo, or who have some other such difficulty. In fact, I believe each state SHOULD provide such valid photo ID, on the taxpayer dime, to everyone for the sole purpose of voting.

And with teh today, there is no lack for ways to resolve the issue. But as it currently stands, we are simply too vulnerable to voter fraud - which does indeed occurs every cycle to some extent.

Owning a gun is a right, but depending on the city/state there can be a lot of things that impede your right. So what? As long as it isn't something unfair to certain people, it is a non issue. You claim it is difficult for the young and poor. I disagree. An ID is still easily obtained.

As far as being necessary, again just because something isn't absolutely necessary, that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea. And yes, being literate is a GREAT idea actually. You can get through life by being illiterate, but being able to read makes life easier. Just as having a state photo ID may make your life easier....because hey, if you have one you can vote!

I suppose you're right, women wouldn't be permitted to vote, and wealthy land owners could count 3 other citizens for every 5 people they own....hell the only people who could vote were landed white males.. Good thing that document can be and has been amended. Or was that when amurika was great before that were going to make it great again?

But hey, since we've dispensed with strict literal interpretation we can discuss all those issues that need to be updated with the times. Too bad all those stick in the mud conservative judges adhere to their strict interpretation of the law, especially since as you mentioned there are some things not covered: like automobiles, aircraft, space travel, electricity, the internet, television, even radio media, the vast increase in our population, the fact that we can destroy the environment entirely, even that communication from one end of the world to the other is instantaneous.

All these things are effecting our country, maybe it's time for another Continental Congress, and update our Constitution?

But, but, but - and I'm trying to remain civil - but, "just voting?" Seriously? Are you 12? Voting is FAR more serious and grave than getting on an airplane! And NO, you should NOT be allowed to use university or school IDs, bills to your address, or public assistance identification! None of those verify that you're a US citizen! ONLY state-issued IDs which carry validation of your actual legal status as a US citizen with valid voting rights should ever be allowed, regardless of state law. Voting is a privelidge reserved for non-felon US citizens, or those citizens whose voting rights have been restored by a court. Every state has the legal obligation to uphold and enforce those requirements. Period.

Or better yet, have the state provide student IDs, like they do for drivers licenses and CC permits.

Like you said , it's a good idea.

My argument is that any hurdle placed, even easy ones, will thin the herd a little, then years later maybe another hurdle is place, like street addressed required, no PO boxes.

Those hurdles shouldn't be arbitrary, like "it's just a smart idea". Clearly Texas's law would provide no additional burden to those with divers licenses, cc permits, and pass ports. Those most likely to NOT have them are the poor, the young, and urbanites.

Provide the same standard of ID for other purposes to be more inclusive, and then you have a level playing field and less of an augment from me.

Significantly less so about firearms, because you have to register before hand to vote, and the necessary vetting has been done. The vetting you need to acquire a gun needs to be done, and point of sale is appropriate... The waiting period is questionable.... Besides, even though they are both rights one can't take their vote and go kill a dozen fellow citizens, so I think the gun issue needs a little more attention.

They are both huge issues, and no easy solution. There are valid arguments for and against each.

For voting, I'm fine with having to present an ID, as long as the proper ID can be acquired without cost to the voter.

For guns, I'd like to see a comprehensive list of individuals who are disqualified from having a firearm and have, in any gun transfer, to verify that neither party is on the list... Also free of charge.

Your ability to get one is not the issue. Many have ID's, just not the ID that was required by the Texas law. That was the issue. If I don't have a car, or if I don't drive (an increasing trend with ride shares and in urban areas) then I may not already have a drivers license. This does not mean I don't have something that can be used to identify myself with, just means I don't have a reason to have one of Texas's preferred methods of Identification.

Same if I don't have a CC license (which was updated prior to the law to be a more formal form of ID, not just a license but an ID), and same for those who travel internationally.

Your gonna have to stop helping me disprove you. Yes the stands are rented out to dealers and a buyer must go through NICS. The general public can buy or sell to the general public regardless of location. See the difference yet?
It is illegal in every state to sell a firearm to a person not legally allowed to possess one, regardless of location. Still following? Therefore private sales performed between strangers are dancing on the line of illegality as the legal possession of the buyer is unknown, and should be treated as straw purchases to discourage the practice. Private sales between aquiantances, family, and friends are far less grey.
Why are you denying reality?

"I'm not against the state mailing out taxpayer-funded photo IDs for every eligible voter, "

IF they mail you out this ID, then they already have all the information required to prove who you are. If I show up state my name, DOB, address, and have already proven I'm a citizen, then what more really is needed? Heck, just receiving that letter is reasonable proof I am who it says I am.

I get the importance of limiting voter fraud, but I'd rather I person vote illegally than 1 legitimate voter being denied the ability to vote when they have that right.

Heck, I'm not even for voting on a word-day. It should be over a 2 day weekend. I think its biased against working voters.


They don't occur in large numbers, but there have been cases of voter fraud. By having the voter produce a valid state ID, I think that pretty much eliminates any concerns that the person may not be who the say. Voting is a serious matter. I certainly don't want to make it easy for someone to pretend they are another person so they can vote. For example, in my state all you have to do is confirm your address when you give them a name. It wouldn't be that hard for someone to go to a polling station and vote for someone else they know is registered, would it? Producing a fake ID would be far more difficult.