Nicolle Wallace Hits Trump With A Reality Check: ‘This Changes Everything’


Didn't donnie promise a ten percent tax break for the middle class by yesterday? Or, is that like one of his other promises and isn't to be taken literally, or seriously in this Mexico paying for a yuge wall, locking her up, banning all Muslim immigration until we figure this out, repealing and replacing the ACA, releasing his tax returns, or making America great again, as he said "I alone can fix it.."?

I wouldn't count on bi-partisan cooperation because donnie sees compromise as weakness, and he can't dictate to the opposition like he does in his business and has for the last two years. Bluster and braggadocio will not be sufficient, nor will petulant early morning tweets. He will actually have to work, and not just pep rallies and golf at one of his resorts. Just wait till you hear the volume of whining about how he thinks the world is unfair and he's being put upon by all those meanies that won't just do as he demands. You'll be seeing him pouting with his arms tightly crossed over his gut and scowling behind his desk a lot in the next two years until he retires.

Nicole Wallace is a great example of why Republicans could not get anything done in the Bush years. She is neither a conservative nor is she very bright. Trump already passed his tax cuts. He now gets to beat up on the Democrats for not allowing him to fulfill his pledge to cut middle class taxes. When he comes with his new budget, he will no doubt call for cuts in spending - the Democrats will balk proving that they do not care about the deficit. Adam Schiff, Pelosi and Maxine Waters now become the face of the party - that is probably not a good thing and it will take gargantuan efforts by the spider (Chuck Schumer) to keep those wingnuts in check.

In fact, the Democrats are stuck. They can spend their time holding show trial after show trial resulting in them being kicked out of power in two years or they can chose to actually govern responsibly in which case their constituents' heads will explode.

Expanding the senate - gives Trump any judicial nominee he wants and allows him to negotiate real treaties(unlike Obama's).

Trump won - she is too dense to understand.