Democrats' victory in House provides crucial protection for Mueller


First off, Your characterization of him as a "mentally ill sociopath" tells me you can't be objective about this. I doubt you are a psychologist, or a medical doctor, and therefore it is likely you are not qualified to make that diagnosis. Furthermore, it is not something any non-biased medical professional who is in a position to know, including Trump's own doctors, think he should be treated for.

Secondly, I don't have blinders on.

Lastly, you can believe you can "do better than someone who lies when the truth works better" (like HRC?) all you want, but it's not true. Studies have shown that American's aren't capable of electing the best candidate for president, because too many of them are too dumb to know what's best for their own good. But hey! Everybody gets a vote! The science shows your democracy elects only mediocre leaders or slightly above average leaders at best. National Election Surveys (NES) found that only a tiny percentage of voters knew a lot about politics, 50-60% could answer very basic questions, and the remaining 40-50% knew next to nothing. And the problems don't end there. The youth (18-24) are reading less, watching less news, and know less about politics than any generation since records started being kept (1940s). Ignorance about the political issues is at an all time high. According to the studies, half of Americans can't tell you the difference between liberal and conservative. You live in the information age, without considering whether or not the information is absorbed. You have mistaken access to information as knowledge. And as a result of all this rampant stupidity and ignorance (all whom have the power to vote), you CANNOT "do better", for the simple reason that the majority don't know any better.

"I" said they are in the history books. Why are we not talking about Grant or Roosevelt.
- You Hill link is from an opinion guest writer that I don't agree
- Pinging was investigated by the FBI. It was pinging specifically that server. Attorney Brian Benczkowski whom worked for Alfa Bank now its DOJ criminal division. WTF of all the people in the world Trump picks this guy?
Yes I want MSM links. I can see you read news like Brietbart, Newsmax, Blaze. Do you have a team of researchers doing these first hand interviews? I believe, you believe what you told me was true.
We'll never agree.
Should Muellers investigation continue?

The economy is booming. Unemployment in the US is at an all time low. The Dow and the S&P500 both set all time record highs this year. The housing market is off the charts, with sales booming. Crime rates continue to decline, and are lower than at any time during the previous presidential term. Some of the biggest threats from nuclear countries to American sovereignty have been dialed back a few notches to levels not seen since before the Korean War. Black unemployment as at an all time low. Wages are increasing for average American households, and most Americans have a better life than almost EVERY other industrialized nation. Women are more empowered than ever before, and just broke a record for the number of females in congress.

Yup. Worst president in our history. /s

I can't stand Trump. I think he's egotistical, narcissistic, and infantile. But lets dial back the TDS rhetoric and at least try to be just a little more objective, shall we?

Trump, as I understand it is not under investigation for anything at all.

There is some speculation, since banks in the US, having lost a lot of money doing business with him had cut him off and his doing business with the same banks the Oligarchs were there is a connection.

That is, they are laundering their money through his enterprises.

See, the laundering part is these cats had been sanctioned by the US so they couldn't do any banking through US banks. By the Trump "borrowing" their money to fund some project or another, that cleaned their money.

It's quite a bit more complicated. And to what if any involvement the Trump himself has, is totally speculative. It's as legitimate a story as the deep state conspiracy though.

Guess we'll find out which, if any is true one day.

You know what also isn't surprising, and I saw this coming last week: all denials that this was, in fact, a bad night for the GOP. It doesn't matter that "fake polls" (I've heard that argument from plenty of "conservatives") saw it coming. If I predict there will be a car crash, and that crash actually happens as predicted with results that were predicted, that does not make the car crash not so bad. The GOP was also predicted to pick up seats. That does not make it any less real that the GOP picked up millions of fewer votes than Democratic candidates. From a public relations perspective, that is horrible news. For the same reason, you don't want a POTUS to win the electoral college with 3 million fewer votes.

Yeesh, you think quite highly of yourself. Unfortunately, you aren't as sly or intelligent as you believe yourself to be.

I suppose you aren't aware of what the IRS is actually doing. Your correct that they are checking accuracy, but you are incorrect that they don't care where your business was done.

"However, what IS important to America and its voters is if a president has business dealings with such countries, those business dealings could negatively [affect] his professional foreign policy duties as president."

So you admit that you don't believe there was anything nefarious in such dealings, you just think there are. Sorry, that doesn't make it true. Again, all of such business dealings would be disclosed.

"Finally, if you honestly think presidential candidates tax returns are automatically vetted or audited in some way you are shockingly ignorant. They aren't."

Wasn't Trump being audited and that's why he said he would not release them? Hmmm, seems like you are putting your foot in your mouth. And again I never claimed that tax returns were vetted, I said all the relevant information has already been disclosed. Just because we don't see it, doesn't mean the appropriate agencies have not.

When it comes down to it, you probably know there's nothing in his tax returns that would constitute a breach of law, you just want to find something you can use as a dog whistle against him. You're as transparent as mud.

Yes I think there is a lot of weird things with Russia. However I don't think it needs to be repeated by left wing media and Democrat leaders who are complicit in their own dealings with Russia. Not when they are bringing in Socialist and Communist into their ranks. Not when they make back room deals involving large scale Russian payouts, the same payouts that are being pointed at Trump and his associates. You have the Clinton's who have graciously accepted either personally or through their own foundations... we are not talking small change either, they have received in the high millions. They have claimed that it was for charity or for services rendered. We have seen weapons grade uranium sold to Russian owned companies, and we are still not receiving a single answer as to the whereabouts of the uranium. No one will state where the uranium is they will only deflect nonsense of how it doesn't matter. There is a long list of BS coming from the Obama Administration on this. Too many "whatevers" and play offs as if no one needs to know. Every major move made by that administration ended in a big massive lie and with a huge financial impact on the citizens of this nation. Yet when Trump was elected, he was persecuted and a trial was insisted before his first day? What was that about? The FBI had a FISA court order to wiretap Trump Tower? Seriously how is this not an issue with you or anyone else? They were trying to secure Hillary Clinton as the next President.
Orbis Intl who had million dollar contracts through the US Stated Dept. which was headed by John Kerry, formally Hillary Clinton as Head of State was hired by Fusion GPS to obtain op-ed research on Donald Trump using Orbis's co-owner's contacts in the Kremlin. He was a former British MI6 agent who specialized in Russian and Ukrain dossiers. Using his contacts he was able to get information from Kremlin agents to create the infamous Trump Dossier that would be given to his client. At the time Christopher Steele did not know who the true client was, payment was passed through an attorney for the Hillary Campaign and the DNC.
Christopher Steele's work was well known through the State Department where Hillary Clinton was head of state and had full clearance for all top secret documents..... gee this all sounds like a major movie plot, but its all true. They just removed Hillary Clinton's security clearance a few weeks ago and everyone made a big deal about it. She had the highest clearance in the nation. The problem is that people are trained to think this is all just a conspiracy theory, so when it comes down to what really happens you just pretend it's not real. Well it did happen and so in deflection, you just blamed the crazy story plot on the reality TV show guy.

The IRS does not "vet" presidential tax returns. The IRS does not vet anyone's tax returns except for a very small percentage selected for audit. All they do is check for mathematical accuracy of the return. That is NOT vetting.

In fact, millions of Americans cheat every year on their returns and the only ones who get caught are that small percentage who get audited.

With that said, even if he was selected for audit (vetted) the IRS would not care if he does business with Russia, China, the Saudis or whoever as long as the paperwork is properly filed. However, what IS important to America and its voters is if a president has business dealings with such countries, those business dealings could negatively effect his professional foreign policy duties as president. Considering his buddying up with our enemies like Putin it is likely he is worried about something, possibly financial in nature.

Finally, if you honestly think presidential candidates tax returns are automatically vetted or audited in some way you are shockingly ignorant. They aren't.

Again, this is why every candidate (except Trump) voluntarily reveals his/her returns.

I think this is all for you today. There is only so much idiocy and childishness I can take in one day.

Bye for now

So much for the Blue Tsunami >>ahem<< Wave that was supposed to sweep America. To put things in perspective, the 2010 Mid-term Elections (a/k/a the first referendum on Kommissar Barrack Hussein Obama) was a true Red Wave of historical proportions. The House was a lost cause going into the 2018 Mid-terms and that was known. What wasn't known was that the GOP would make gains in the Senate, which is much more significant than House losses. The Pelosi/Waters Brigade will try to abuse their powers to make President Trump look bad. What a waste of taxpayer resources. Come 2020, when Trump wins re-election (I hope Hillary runs again), the House and Senate will be GOP controlled again with a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court. Thank God America is becoming great again.


there are 2 separate issues regarding the 2016 election that are on the table here.

the first of coarse is whether or not the Russians interfered. there are plenty of indictments that say they did . Indictments however are not proof of guilt.

the 2nd part and this is where people are calling witch hunt is the accusation that the president worked with the russians to get elected. so far zero indictments has been presented on this issue.

democrats love to conflate the fact that some of his cabinet has been indicted for actions not related to the 2016 election.

the stormy dainels thing is the only issue that touches the 2016 election. even if this one thing turns out to be a crime , at best he will have to pay a fine just as the obama administration had to do with its campaign finance law violation.;cuid=3677626" rel="nofollow noopener" title="https://www.washingtonpost" target="_blank" class='link_art' rel='nofollow' >https://www.washingtonpos....washingtonpost....

obama omitted names and altered dates on over a million dollars worth of donations . all he got was a 375k fine.

a 130k payment to a hooker to be discrete is now where near the same as that