Around 100 migrant caravan members have been kidnapped by human traffickers, Mexican officials warn


"He attempted to stop this but everyone got all butthurt when liberals started crying about it." Don't be disingenuous. There have been several postings of video showing Obama "begging" these caravans not to come, yet they came. So, our presidents are not the fault of people coming, or being hijacked.

"The fact that kidnapping happens in the United States is in no manner any kind of justification for allowing a number of individuals into this country so they can exasperate that problem."

First, the point, as was noted about showing what happens in America is perspective. It was not meant to make some kind of dumbass appeal to let people in illegally, as though it were okay.

No one is butthurt that he "tried to stop it", that he has such power is absurd, but none of that is the problem. The problem is the way he, and it seems you want to characterize the actual caravan. He's back to his rants that brown immigrants are murderers and rapists. And that is what people are "butthurt" about, the vulgarity of the president of the United States.

Over a period of 10 years the US govt. deported 140,000 MS13, Barrio 18 and other rapist, robber and murderer gangsters back to the Northern Triangle of Central America after they served their sentences in the USA.

Media has recently interviewed several permanent deportees in the current caravans who are trying to sneak back to the USA with the crowd.

The majority of migrants are young able bodied men, not helpless women and children.

Painting the hundreds of thousands of migrants as honest-work-folk is simply inaccurate and wrong. There are a good many trouble makers in the crowd, not to mention those who are physically, mentally or emotionally unsound and likely very dependent on state or private assistance.

I went on at length about this because this forum in particular has a following of well managed, hard core pro-migrant activists posting here hammering on a short list of Pollyanna talking points, one of which being the "hard working honest folk" meme.

I am sure it's partly true. But, certainly not all or most of them. Indeed, many could and may cause us trouble and harm.

You are so right about that. Our presidents are not at fault. How they deal with it IS. It is also Congresses fault when a president has to do things THEY should have taken care of. Congress, under Bill Clinton, if I am not mistaken, established the law now in force and the courts exasperated it to where we are now.

Now, the way *I* would handle it would be to negotiate an immigration camp on the south side of the border and immigration control will work from there. There is precedent for this as this is how US Customs and Immigration is handled in Canada. You go through US Customs in Toronto or Montreal BEFORE you even board your flight to the US.

You might ask what this would gain us. If the immigrants are NOT on US soil, they would be guests of the Mexican Government being processed by USCIS, then the courts and congress can say nothing. If they get upset with the president, he can simply tell them, address the issue properly as a matter of legislation and we will shut these camps down.

The perspective is irrelevant. That it happens here is not justification for taking in more who have already committed the very same thing and are likely to do it again in this country making the issue we have already even worse. I want to say that it is a sort of informal 'tu quoque' logic fallacy as two wrongs do not equal a right.

As to why people are butthurt - No, neither Trump nor I are characterizing the entire caravan as all being murderers and rapists. That is what YOU take away, what you INFER. Those are YOUR conclusions and I do not accept your attempt to project them back upon me, nor I believe, does Trump. Everyone knows not all of them are murderers and rapists. In point of fact, I'd venture to guess that probably 99% are not; HOWEVER, which ones are and which are not? Which 'families' are actually families and which are 'families' comprised of an MS-13 (for example) dad and a mother and children kidnapped (100 were just kidnapped - to what end)?

Can you tell me how you can separate those who intend ill and those who truly need help? As to those who truly need help, why did they not stop in Mexico when Mexico offered them asylum? If there is so much racism against Hispanics in this country, why on earth would anyone want to run toward it?